[Yawn] Insert Images Into Gmail Messages

Aha another feature coming to the fore, how can we stop talking about these new features? No matter how stupid they are? This one, the add image thingy has been around for a long time now, albeit through a different method, and is a liftoff from , which is soon trying to become on the web, too bad Outlook’s counterpart Windows Live Hotmail is nowhere near.


Anyways now you can add images to your Gmail messages (yawn), like we could never could do that earlier, frankly speaking the earlier Gmail Labs features were really good pieces of engineering, but of late the new Labs features have been nothing but disappointing, this is nothing to rant home about, but we still do because we love Gmail and it is still the best free email service you will come across.

We love software all the way, but come on do something better, how about a Gmail Labs feature that bought you candy, what say?

Getting serious, one notable thing about this new feature is the ability to add images through a URL, rather than having to upload it from your computer, that is super cool. Also Gmail will add the images inline and not as attachments, so users who have images blocked by default won’t be able to see it, that would mean 90% of your geek friends would treat your images as spam.

However this new feature has a bug, where you fill see a failed message, without the need to do anything spectacular.


  1. Click on the insert picture icon.
  2. Close the file open menu without selecting any images.
  3. Wait for a minute few seconds and you will see the above error, failed, what failed, oh did I fail to upload a image?

Alas we could have some perfection now, and we must admit that the add image by URL is definitely good, and overall this feature is perfect for sharing lots of photos. Did you think we would hate Gmail?

Oh yeah, you need to enable this thing to work, go to Settings > Labs and enable Inserting Images option, once you have done that, to add images you will have to click on the picture icon in the rich text bar to add images, while composing your emails.

Book Tata Nano Online

If you are not yet aware of Tata Nano, you should probably be reading this Wikipedia article about Tata Nano, however if you already know about the most popular car in India, which is built to be very efficient and still cost as low as $2000 or 1,00,000 INR, the bookings are on and you can actually book Tata Nano online.


Do Pardon me for this unrelated post, however a innovation of such magnitude, in a tech category we don’t cover should not go unnoticed, and neither should people searching for it be landing on newspaper websites who confuse readers with their innovative headlines, but do not actually provide a link to the actual website or service they are talking about.

Book Tata Nano Online

How To Quickly Send Receive Emails For All Accounts In Outlook?

polls your email accounts after certain intervals to see if there are any new emails in your accounts, however if you want to do this manually you can use a to quickly poll all your email accounts, which will save you some time and efforts if you decided to do it using a mouse.

Outlook Send Recieve Groups Options

Using the F9 key, you can quickly do a send/receive on all your accounts. Outlook also allows users to definite which groups should be included while doing a send/receive all using the F9 key.

To change the settings for this option, use the shortcut key Ctrl + Alt + S, this should popup a new window, where you can change the group settings for send/receive all option.

Download Only Email Headers in Outlook

You can also use the same setting window to control whether emails are automatically fetched and how often they are fetched, if you are using a low bandwidth internet connection, you could save some bandwidth by clicking on the Edit button to edit the email group and change the settings to only download headers instead of full emails.

Search and Replace Strings In Multiple Files

There are several times when you may need to search and replace strings in multiple files, however doing so manually can be quite cumbersome, if the volume of files you have to replace is large.


A tool called Search & Replace Plus will allow users to replace strings in multiple files at once, you can select the directory and specify which types of files you want to change. Currently this software only supports a single mask type and the usage of wildcards is limited to the filenames itself, so you have to provide file mask in *.extensionname format, for example to replace strings in text files use *.txtusing *.* and *.tx* will not work.

If you are looking for a really simple utility to search and replace strings in files, this utility should fit your needs, however it does not support advanced functionalities.

Download Search & Replace Plus [Direct Link]

OutlookDeck Brings TweetDeck Interface To Outlook Search

We have been using for quite sometime now and love the interface quite a lot, on the other hand we feel that is the best tool for emails.


OutlookDeck is a interesting new application that will allow you to view and search Outlook emails in a TweetDeckish interface.

You can view all emails, view your replies, or search your emails using OutlookDeck, it will create a new tab for each of your actions, so clicking on All Friends will create a new tab, every search will create a new tab and son on.

We find OutlookDeck a fun way of searching emails, and having been using TweetDeck for quite sometime now, we love the refreshing way in which we can search our emails.

Download OutlookDeck [via tweet from Scobleizer]

Simple Startup Manager for Windows

If your Windows PC boots up very slow, it may be due to the fact, that there are several unwanted items that are scheduled to automatically startup with Windows.


Most of the software that automatically run on startup are not actually added by users themselves, many software installations do that automatically.

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How To Remove DiggBar?

The recent introduction of DiggBar by Digg has caused quite a lot of conversation in the blogosphere, however DiggBar may or may not be good, it all depends on how you perceive it.

Is there a way to get rid of the DiggBar? Yes there is, for webmasters we have already written a tutorial that will allow you to remove Diggbar and other social networking frames for your website.


As a user you have the option to use a script Remove Digg Bar that will automatically remove the DiggBar frame, however if you are not a user, you can still get rid of the DiggBar by going to Digg settings page and selecting the option Newer show DiggBar for external links. This should get rid of the DiggBar forever for you.

Is the DiggBar a good thing or bad? Well that is up to the user to decide, however Amit from Digital Inspiration has a interesting post on why DiggBar is not as evil as it has been perceived to be, do take a look at it and decide for yourself.

Are you happy with DiggBar or you just hate it and want to get rid of it? Do let us know through your comments.

Watch Videos and Preview Images Inline In Twitter

is quickly becoming a place to share everything under the hood, but with that it is also becoming more and more difficult to keep up with content shared with you, for example, if one of your friends posts a URL of a video or shares a picture with you, you still have to click on the link and load another URL before you can actually view the video or image.


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If you rant about having to do that, we just came across a cool script for , that allows you to preview videos and images and load them inline, while you are browsing your twitter timeline, saving you time and efforts to launch a new browser window, just to take a look at what your friends are sharing.


TwitterMedia is a script I would recommend Twitter users to use without thinking, it is going to save you a lot of time and efforts after all.

BTW don’t forget to follow me @keithdsouza or our update bot @techiebuzzer on twitter :-).

Download TwitterMedia Userscript

Sender Time Zone For Gmail

has added another interesting feature to the family, where it adds a green or red phone icon next to emails, this green phone icons would indicate that is early in the day in the sender’s time zone, a red icon tells you that it is pretty late to call in the sender’s time zone.

Gmail Sender Time Zone Not Ok To Call

Let’s convert this to a real life example, you emailed a client from a different country say United States about a work you were doing for them, now your client emails you back, but when the email arrived while you were sleeping, some of the content in the email confuses you and you need to have a verbal chat with them to clarify your confusions.

But what is the time in your client’s country? Would they probably be awake to answer your call or would you be invading on their sleep? With the Sender Time Zone labs feature, Gmail will show you a green phone icon, if it would be ok to call the other person, translating into working hours for any given time zone.

Gmail Sender Time Zone

If you see a red icon, it would probably mean that, it’s pretty late in the client’s country to be making a call, clicking on the message should show you the current time in the sender’s time zone.

This feature will only work if the originating message contains time zone in the header, if you are looking to view the current time from different time zones, take a look at the World Time Zone gadget for Gmail.

To enable this feature, just go to Settings > Labs and activate Sender Time Zone feature.

New in Labs: Sender Time Zone [Official Gmail Blog]

Monitor Website Uptime From Your Desktop With SiteMonitor

Managing and running a popular website is definitely not easy, with higher traffic comes the additional work of keeping the website up and running at all times, no matter how much traffic you get.

Desktop Website Monitor SiteMonitor

We have already told you about website monitors that monitor websites from your desktop and a free online service to monitor websites from a external source.

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