Outlook Thread compressor

There are several times when you have discussions through emails, if the conversation is interesting you may have several replies coming through, however there is a problem when this happens, the emails you receive as replies may contain the original conversation.

Most of the times the original conversation is of no use, and it would be good if you could remove them and save space.

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Create System Restore Point With One Click

Windows System Restore has saved my skin several times in the past, when I have installed beta software that crashed my system, the restore points have helped to recover my system back to a earlier point, making it usable once again.

If you have never bothered to create system restore points, here is a guide to get you kick started with creating restore points in Windows XP and Vista, however we also came across a really useful utility that will allow you to create restore points with a single click.

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Customize Your Google Profile URL

Google has started to allow users to create vanity URLs for their profiles, this change allows users to create a URL they can easily remember, rather than having to remember a random number.

To get a vanity URL for your profile, head to the profile edit page and change the profile URL to use a customized name.

google vanity profile

However there is a catch, users who have Google Accounts with enabled can only use their email address as the Profile URL, if you want customize the URL and use something else, you will have to signup for a new Google Account which does not use Gmail, once you do that you can customize your profile URL to suit your needs.


Once you have selected a profile name you will not be able to change it to anything else, other than the default profile URL Google provides uses with.

The changes to the profile URLs will definitely make it easier for users to remember, however with this change Google may be planning to get into something big, in the sense that Google Profiles by  default did not matter much in the past, with this change however several people may simply start using the Google Profiles to showcase their online identity.

Will Google allow users to now connect and share with other users using the Google Profiles? Only time will tell, what are your thoughts about this? Do let us know through your comments.


Feed Pauser Update: Disable Individual Posts From Appearing In Feeds

Quite sometime back I had released the Feed Pauser WordPress plugin which allowed blog publishers to delay publishing the posts from reaching feed readers, the delay could be set to a few minutes or a couple of hours, this was to ensure that you had done all the checks and made sure the feed was correct, before they could be read by your feed subscribers.

Quite a few months and a discussion with Shankar Ganesh later, I have updated the plugin to allow blog authors to disable individual posts from appearing in feeds.

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Windows 7 Theme For Windows XP

has been released but not every user may want to use it, however if you are someone who gives looks some importance, Windows 7 definitely throws in a fresh look you may want to have on your system.

If you are a Windows XP user, here are some Windows 7 themes you can install on your system, to change the look and feel to emulate a Windows 7 desktop.

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Google Search To Update Referrer Links

Many web analytic softwares use referrer strings to determine whether a user is coming from a search engine, other websites or directly to your website.

Many users also have custom scripts that show up different ads or messages to search engine users, if you have been using such customized scripts, Google.com search referrer URLs are set to change starting next week.

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Save All Outlook Attachments With One Click

If you are a heavy user, you may have accumulated tons of emails with attachments in it, the attachment make use of critical space in the Outlook PST files, and the higher the size of your PST file, the slower Outlook will perform.

Scanning and downloading individual attachments from the emails can turn out to be quite a hassle, also there is no easy way to just delete the attachments and keep the email message intact.

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Evernote Gets Twitter Integration

Evernote the popular note taking software has finally integrated itself with , the popular social networking site.

With this new integration you can now directly send notes by sending public tweets or using the Direct messaging feature provided by Twitter.

Users will have to follow the steps given below, in order to add notes through tweets.

  1. Follow myEN on Twitter (you will need a Twitter account)
  2. myEN will follow you back, and send you a DM with a link
  3. Click the link, sign into Evernote, and connect your Evernote and Twitter accounts.

Once you have linked your twitter account with evernote, you can start adding notes by either sending a public message:

Add Evernote Note Via TweetOr by sending a Direct message:

Add Evernote Note Via Direct Message

In addition to that, Evernote will automatically include image thumbnails, when you include a TwitPic image in your tweet, and display it in your note, this feature is definitely cool, and would be much better if expanded to other twitter image sharing websites.

Evernote + Twitter = Instant Memories [via Official Evernote Blog]

Create Free Image Galleries Online With MyLiveGallery

Image galleries are a nice way to showcase your images but what if you want to quickly create a image gallery and share it with your friends?

My Live Gallery can come in pretty handy for when you want to quickly create a image gallery, without the need to create thumbnail images and learn HTML.

Also Read: Create Image Galleries From Your Desktop 

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Perform Alt + Tab Switches With Your Mouse With EdgeSwap

Alt + Tab is probably the most used commonly used combination in Windows, it allows users to switch between open application windows, however if you are more of a mouse user, EdgeSwap will allow you to perform Alt + Tab switches with your mouse.

Alt Tab Application Switcher

Once you have downloaded EdgeSwap double click on the executable file to launch it (requires no installation), EdgeSwap will create a system tray icon which will monitor for mouse movements.

To use perform Alt + Tab simply move your mouse to the left hand corner of the screen, this will open up the windows application switcher and automatically scroll through it, to open any application move your mouse away from the corner and the application will come into focus.

A few things that you may want to know about, moving the mouse to the corner may automatically start navigating the applications and the speed at which it does it may not always open up the application you want to when you move your mouse away.

EdgeSwap is a good replacement for people who perform most of their work with the mouse, however the software is a bit rough around the edges and may need to be worked upon a bit.

Download EdgeSwap