YouTube Launches CaptionTube For Adding Captions To Videos

has just released a web application that will allow users to add captions to YouTube videos, the new offering called CaptionTube is powered by  Google App Engine.

CaptionTube allows users to add captions to any YouTube video by providing the video URL of the video or importing their personal videos from YouTube.

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Techie Interview: Aravind Jose From

After a brief (rather long) break, we are back with , where we interviewed several interesting bloggers from the tech world, we are once again open to receiving Techie interviews and you can submit yours by visiting this interview form, which we created using , and if you are interested here is how you can create online surveys using Google Docs.

So let us kick start this interview by introducing you to a Aravind Jose a young tech blogger from India, Aravind blogs at so make sure to follow him through his website.


Some of this info may be outdated, Aravind please feel free to update us, if you think that some of the info is old and we will refresh them right away.


Can you Introduce yourself and your blog to our readers?

Aravind from Kerala, India. I blog at giving out Fresh Thoughts and Insights, which are mostly tech/web related.

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Create Instant Notes With QuotePad

There are several times when you may copy and paste content from websites and create notes out of with, however with regular text editing software, you will have to manually copy the URL of the webpage if you also want to note down the source from where you copied the text.

A note taking application called QuotePad can solve your problem and save you some time, by including a link to the source, while creating notes from content you copy from websites.

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Google Book Downloader Downloads Books Easily

I have literally found tons of books using Google Book Search, however browsing the books online is time consuming and I would definitely want a way to download those books and read them at my leisure.

Not that we haven’t unearthed something that already does that, the Google Book Downloader for desktops is something I often use, but the software does require users to perform several steps, like finding the right book id and so on.

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Free Portable Bandwidth Monitor

In certain countries bandwidth is limited and quite expensive, keeping an eye on how much bandwidth you consume while using the internet becomes essential if you don’t want to foot high internet bills.

There are a really nice internet bandwidth monitor we have told you about in the past, however we came another interesting called NetWorx which will help you monitor bandwidth usage.

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What is Wlloginproxy.exe. How To Remove It? [Reader Query]

A question we received as a , Joylyn asks us about a exe file that she though is suspect and a virus, in the query she asks us.

Hi Techie Buzz,

I see a Wlloginproxy.exe running on my PC. I am not sure what this is or how it was installed on my system, I have a virus scanner installed on my PC. This virus scanner is called Mcafee and was installed by my ISP.

Is this exe a virus, if so how do I get rid of it? Please help.



Hi Joylyn, you have nothing to be afraid of, the Wlloginproxy.exe is not a virus and neither is it a threat to your PC, this executable is part of the Windows Live suite and if you have recently installed softwares such as Windows Live messenger, Windows Live photo gallery and so on.

The Wlloginproxy.exe is basically a Login helper and sign-in assistant for Windows Live Messenger, the file in question can be found is C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Windows Live folder, replace C with whichever drive you have installed Windows in.

Rest assured this executable is not a threat and you can continue using your PC without having to worry about it. However this program is not really useful and you can uninstall this software from your add/remove program menu, try and look for Windows Live Sign-in Assistant in the add/remove program options as shown in the screenshot below.


If you want your questions answered, feel free to send us a nudge through the contact us form, we do take all contact form queries seriously, however we may usually reply back via a email instead of writing a blog post like this.

Office 2007 Service Pack 2 Scheduled (SP2) For April 28th

Microsoft has finally made official the release information about Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Office 2007.

The service pack 2 should be made available to users from April 28th and consists of several enhancements and improvements. The Office 2007 SP2 will boost the speed of applications and provide numerous improvements, here are some of the highlights that will be included in Office 2007 SP2.

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Things Not To Do With Twitter

is amazing. Twitter gives you the best news instantly. There are over 90 million search results for the term Does God Twitter? All said and done Twitter is really getting very popular very fast and is growing tremendously.

But what are Twitter etiquettes? There are none officially, but thanks to PC World, we now have a list of things to avoid with twitter.

Don't Drink and Tweet

The list includes several guidelines including how not to keep twittering Good Morning Twitterverse, avoid twittering while you are drunk, avoiding tweeting of live TV shows among other things.

So go ahead and improve your twitter etiquette ,visit Top 13 Twitter Don’ts by PC World. Oh and if you are on twitter don’t forget to follow me @keithdsouza and our friendly updater bot @techiebuzzer to get regular updates to your twitter account.

Free PDF Creator and Editor

has become a very common format for document distribution, there are tons of books available in PDF formats, which can be downloaded and read on your desktop.

But how do you create your own PDF documents? Free PDF Editor is the answer. Using Free PDF Editor you can create new PDF documents and also edit existing ones, albeit only those that you have created using Free PDF Editor.

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iPhone Emulator For Testing Websites On A iPhone

Gone are the days when testing your websites on traditional desktop browsers was the only thing you needed to worry about, with smart phones like , iPhone and Android it has become more and more important to test out your website on mobile devices.

Quite sometime back we had told you about a trick to emulate mobile browsers on your desktop, you could definitely fool websites to display content as if they were serving it on a mobile browser.

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