How Twitter Was Born?

is a phenomenon that no one expected it to be today, but it still is, and with the support of celebrities like Aston Kutcher (@aplusk) and Oprah (@oprah) it has turned out to be even more popular in the past week.

I really won’t be surprised if Twitter surpasses in terms of popularity and users, that aside, everybody just talks about Twitter Apps and Tools, how to use it and where to use it et al, but do you really know how twitter was born?

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Terminate Non-Responsive Applications With Process Assassin

There are tons of times when a single application can make your system freeze because of memory leaks or other things which are not really in your hand.

Closing the application is the best way to free some memory and get your system back to normal.

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AdBlock+ For Google Chrome

does not have any official support for Chrome extensions yet, but you can still run certain user scripts for Chrome, using a Greasemonkey hack for Chrome or by setting up Chrome to run user scripts.

AdBlock+ is a very famous add-on that allows users to block ads being shown on websites, we just came across a user script that will work on Google Chrome.

Download and install this user script and use the shortcut key Shift + B for blocking ads in Google Chrome.

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Bookmarklet To Toggle All Checkboxes

Have you come across a situation where you have to check several text boxes, but the website in question does not provide you with a Check All/Uncheck All option?

Users now have a workaround to this situation in the form of a helpful browser bookmarklet, that will allow users to toggle between all checked and unchecked checkboxes.

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How To Measure Pixels On A Webpage?

Quite recently one of my friend on (follow me @keithdsouza) asked how one could measure pixels between any two points on a webpage?

There was something about this question, that made me realize that, I have been using a that helps users to measure pixels on a webpage, in a quick and easy way for ages now.

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Free Personal Finance Manager

No matter how much money you make or how much you spend, there is always the need to keep track of income and expenses in a systematic format, so that you can see where the money is coming in from and where the money is going.

Managing personal finances is a little bit trickier when you want to keep track of day to day expenses and receivables, having a software to keep track of expenses can help immensely.

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Gmail Suggests More Email Recipients While Composing Emails

Have you ever emailed or forwarded a funny joke to your friend and then realized that you left out one of your friends from the list? If you have ever come across this problem, it is time to get some suggestions on who you should include in the email recipients list.

Suggest more recipients does what is sounds, it will suggest contacts that you should be including in your email recipient list while composing mails in .

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How TO Unlock PDF Files?

I recently received a file from my friend, I wanted to copy certain part of the PDF and paste it as a note, however I could not copy the text from the PDF file, making me wonder what was wrong with it.

Turned out that the PDF file in question had fonts which were not installed on my system. I searched for a solution, I came across a tool called PDF Crack which allowed users to unlock PDF Files.

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Torrent Search Toolbar

These days many users share files online through torrents rather than providing direct file downloads, these torrents are scattered every where across the internet.

Finding torrents can get pretty messy since there are 100s of torrent tracker websites which need to be checked.

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