Angry Birds Lands on Facebook

After a huge wait, the Famous have finally landed on allowing over 800 million users to start hunting those pigs who stole the birds eggs.

Play Angry Birds Facebook

There is not doubt that Angry Birds is one of the most famous games to come out in past few years. It is a simple enough game where you as a bird have to destroy all the pigs to avenge them for stealing your eggs and move ahead to the next stage.

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Angry birds was available for , Windows Phone 7 on windows desktop and on Google Chrome as well. However, it was missing on one of the biggest platforms on the web; Facebook. Rovio had initially announced that Angry Birds would be available for Facebook in March 2011, but it took them almost a year to actually do that.

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The gameplay remains similar to the app, however, with the Facebook app you will be able to share your high scores with friends and also play along with friends. If you can’t wait, you can start enjoying the game right away by visiting the Angry Birds Facebook App and granting it appropriate permissions. Happy Pig Bashing.

CBS to Stream GRAMMY Awards, Red Carpet Online and on Mobile Devices

It looks like that streaming big events has caught up with broadcasters in the United States. After the success of the live streaming of Super Bowl by NBC, CBS will also be streaming the GRAMMY Awards 2012 Live Online.


It is the time of the year again when everyone is excited about music again and will look forward to watching the Grammys. The 54th Annual Grammy Awards 2012 will be held on Sunday, Feb 12, 2012 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The Grammy awards will be broadcast live on CBS at 8PM Eastern and will also be available online as well and also on . There are several exciting nominations this year for the Grammys 2012 and you can see all the nominations at the official website.

If you are looking to watch the Grammy Awards Online you have several options to choose from. The best bet is to head over to CBS website for Grammys at where you can catch up on the Red Carpet and the live Grammy Awards for 2012. Additionally, you can also watch the show live at

If you prefer to watch the event on YouTube, you can do that too by visiting which is the official channel of the Grammys. You can also catch up on all the Grammy Awards 2012 action and Grammy Awards 2012 Red Carpet at Live Stream by visiting

Additionally, you can also download for and to watch the Grammys on your mobile. iPhone users can download the GRAMMY Live app to enjoy live streaming and events of Grammy Awards 2012 on their iOS based devices. Android based users can also download the GRAMMYs app for their devices to catch on all the action and Grammys Red Carpet 2012 on their mobile devices.

If none of these options work for you, you can easily try searching sites like and to see if there are live streams available to watch the Grammy Awards 2012 online.

Dad Shoots Daughter’s Laptop 8 Times For Complaining On Facebook

In a bizarre incident a father decided to punish his daughter for posting rants about her family on . The father whose name is Tommy Jordan posted an 8 minute video on where he reads a letter from his 15 year old daughter and then pumps 8 bullets into her laptop.

The post was first posted on Facebook with a message "Facebook Parenting: For the trouble teen" and had the message:

My daughter thought it would be funny/rebellious/cool to post on her Facebook wall just how upset she was and how unfair her life here is; how we work her to…

In addition to that, Tommy Jordan also posted a message on  his profile which can be seen here and read below:

Parents and Kids… watch.
Today was probably the most disappointing day of my life as a father and I don’t know how to correct the situation. Since I can’t seem to make any headway with my daughter on Facebook, I chose instead to remedy the problem permanently.

The video in question has already gone viral and has amassed over 2 million views since it was posted. These days many kids take to Facebook for ranting against their family or school teachers. However, is such a punishment justified? Would you go ahead and punish your children likewise?

If you are interested in following the entire saga, you can catch up Tommy Jordan’s speech and him shooting his 15 year old girls laptop in the embedded video below.

So what do you think? Is the dad right or does he sound bizarre to you?

Facebook Comment Box Moderation Is Lousy for Administrators

I have been using Comments Box on this blogs for over a week now to test out and increase interaction on the site. For starters, I did like the amount of interaction from Facebook users. However, there are quite a few problems with Facebook Comments when it comes to moderation.

Facebook Comment Moderation Broken

First off, the website where you can moderate Facebook comments ( is down most of the time (or whenever I try to access it). It gets frustrating because it is the only way you can see new comments and trash spam or hide comments from users.

On the other hand, Facebook comments moderation in itself does not work most of the time and administrators have problems when marking a comment as spam or banning a user.

Overall, I feel that Facebook comments do provide a lot of ease for their users to quickly comment on a website. However, there is a lot of work to be done when it comes to administrating those comments. I will continue working with Facebook comments for some more time and see if there is any improvement with it before I decide to remove it for good.

What has been your experience while using Facebook comments? Have you had problems with moderating comments and administrating them? I am looking for some alternatives so please feel to suggest them (No Disqus Please).

Facebook Provides Easy Way to Hide Live Ticker

Last year, introduced a new feature on the social networking site called "Live Ticker" which displayed a live activity stream of your Facebook friends. Facebook Ticker was hated by a lot of users and also led to a few Facebook scams including the one where users were duped into believing that they could stop posts from showing in Facebook Ticker.

In the past, we wrote about different ways to hide the Facebook Live Ticker. However, Facebook now allows users to hide the Live Ticker easily with the recent changes they have made.


If you are looking to hide the Facebook Ticker in your Facebook feed, you can now simply click the UP arrow key on the Ticker to hide the Facebook Ticker from view. Once that is done, you will no longer see the Ticker on your feed. If you want to see the Live Ticker again, you just have to click on the down arrow key and it will show up again.

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However, one must note that hiding the Ticker will only hide it from view. There is no way to stop your posts from showing up on all your friends profile so don’t forget to stay away from Facebook scams which tell you that you can stop your posts from showing up in the Live Ticker.

Facebook Activity Feed Showing "Invalid Action Type" Errors

has a had a huge week with them going public with their $5 Billion IPO. However, it looks like they are facing problems with their infrastructure with the "Facebook Activity Feed" for websites showing an "invalid action type" error all across the web.

Facebook Activity Feed Invalid Action Type Error

Website owners who have been using the "Activity Feed" social plugin from Facebook might notice that the feed is no longer showing up and instead an error box with the message "Invalid action type" has taken it’s place. This problem is occurring on all websites and seems to be a big problem on Facebook’s side.

Facebook Social Plugin Error

The error is also apparent on Facebook’s Social Plugin code generator for all websites as seen in the screenshot above. Facebook has faced several problems in the past where the site has gone down for hours due to database problems and DNS issues among other things. However, this look like the first time that their social plugins have had issues.

If you are a webmaster who uses the Facebook Activity Feed on your website, you might see the above error. However, having the widget in question on your site does not affect loading time. We have contacted Facebook to check why this problem is occurring and will update the post when we get a response.

FREE Victoria’s Secret Gift Card!! (limited time only) Facebook Scam

After the Victoria’s Secret Valentine  Day Gift Card another new scam is brewing up on where scammers are pretending to give away free Vitoria’s Secret gift card for a limited time.

Victoria's Secret Gift Card Scam

The new scam is similar to the other Gift Card scams which have been doing the rounds of Facebook lately and asks users to complete a survey before they can get hold of the Victoria’s Secret Gift Card. The scammers ask the users to post the page to their profile and also like the Facebook page using the Facebook like button.

However, clicking on the "Like button" on the Facebook scam page will take you to a page where the scammers will collect your email address and then collect your personal information and then ask you to complete a survey before you can get your gift card.

It is recommended that you DO NOT click on such links or scam messages on Facebook. If you come across this scam message, please delete/remove the scam from your Facebook news feed immediately. Alternately, you can report the scam to Facebook Security.

With over 800 million users on Facebook, the social networking giant has always been a main target for spreading scams. It is quite difficult to identify scams on Facebook. Here is a post on How to Identify and Avoid Facebook Scams. Bookmark Techie Buzz Facebook Scams or Subscribe to Scam Alert Feed. We always keep you updated with the latest scams spreading on Facebook.

OMG! My Profile Has Been Viewed 97 Times Just Today Facebook Scam

Just a few days after the Profile Watcher scam erupted on Facebook another new similar scam app is now spreading rapidly on . The scam is similar to the earlier See Who Has Viewed Your Profile Event Spam and Who Checked Your Facebook Profile Scam fools users into believing that they can track who has viewed their Facebook profiles.

Facebook Who's Watching Profile App Scam

Profile viewed scams are becoming very common these days since people are concerned as to who are viewing their profiles. Potential Employees also run background checks on users which include checking their social networking profile which makes users more jittery and gullible to know such kind of information.

Facebook Profile Viewer Scam

However, the app which is called "Stalker viewer" is basically a scam since Facebook does not share such information with others and it is difficult for apps to find out who is visiting your Facebook profile.

The "Stalker Viewer" app looks like just any other Facebook app and will ask for your permissions before taking you to a page where they will ask you to complete a survey before you can see "Who’s viewing your Facebook Profile". However, once you complete the survey it will only make money for the scammers and not show you the information you are looking for.

As a precautionary measure, always check which applications you use and remove unwanted or suspicious ones. If you aren’t sure how to do it, you can always check our guide on removing apps from Facebook. In addition to that, don’t forget to check out our article about Avoiding Facebook Lifejacking and Clickjacking scams.

With over 800 million users on Facebook, the social networking giant has always been the main target for spreading scams. It is quite difficult to identify scams on Facebook. Here is a post on How to Identify and Avoid Facebook Scams. Bookmark Techie Buzz Facebook Scams or Subscribe to Scam Alert Feed. We always keep you updated with the latest scams spreading on Facebook.

NBC To Stream Super Bowl XLVI Live Online

Tonight is probably the biggest day in American sports calendar with Super Bowl 46 being played between the New York Giants and New England Patriots at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The game is definitely big, however, there is some good news for fans as well who won’t be able to sit glued to television sets at their home or in a bar.

For the first time ever, NBC will be streaming Super Bowl XLVI live online, thus, allowing fans to catch live play by play action on the comfort of their computer or mobile phones.

Watch Superbowl 46 Online

Super Bowl XLVI (2012) will be available to Verizon mobile users an on on the web. Users will be able to watch the entire game as well as the famous Super Bowl Commercials live online.

This is definitely a great move by NFL and NBC since lot of people might be on the move and might not be able to catch up on the action. So don’t fret if you are not have a TV, and dive into the biggest game in American sports today online or on your mobile phone.

You Seen What This Person is Saying About You Terrible Things Twitter Phishing Attack

We have been seeing a lot of Facebook Scams these days, however, it looks like is also being attacked by users with a lot of scam messages. Unlike most of the Twitter scam messages spread through direct messages and are usually phishing attacks.

Twitter DM Phising Message

A new direct message scam is spreading on Twitter right now with a direct message:

You seen what this person is saying about you? [link] terrible things..

The above message comes from someone you might know and follow on Twitter and looks pretty real. If  you click on the URL accompanied in the message, you will be taken to a webpage which is designed to look like Twitter and asked you enter your username and password.


Please DO NOT enter you username and password since the scammers will then gain access to your account username and password. If you do enter your username and password into the phishing page, the scammers will then redirect you to Twitter and ask permission to install an app which will then send out the rogue message as a direct message to all your followers and continue spreading the phishing attack.

Most modern browsers like and will detect the URL as a phishing website so you might be better off upgrading to a secure browser.

To avoid phishing attacks, always look at the URL to see whether you are entering your password on the site itself and not some masked URL which is made to look like the original site. Additionally, you should also periodically check the apps you have given access to in your Twitter account and remove unwanted apps. Learn how to remove apps or revoke app permissions in Twitter.