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How to turn your Canon Point-and-Click Camera into a dSLR with CHDK

CHDK stands for Canon Hack Development Kit. This is a free (released under GPL) firmware add-on to the Canon PowerShot firmware that allows you to modify your camera in unimaginablWikiy vast ways. For starters, this includes overriding shutter open-time (from 64s to 1/100K s, with flash sync), RHDRKaushik AW file capture, live histogram the kind found in really expensive cameras with RGB or ɣ overlay, customizable grids, user-written script support… and much much more.

In short, as the wiki homepage says, there are quite a few things that could not have been possible without CHDK: lightning photography, HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography and even unlimited DOF (Depth of Field) photography.

It does not damage or void the warranty of your camera in any way, since it is just a firmware add-on.DropKaushik There are quite a few tutorials on the wiki to put the CHDK on your Canon camera. In brief, here is a short tutorial.

  1. Remove your SD card from your camera.
  2. Connect the card to your computer (using a card reader) and format it – make sure you backup your old photos before this step! A better way is to use Card Tricks, format the card as FAT and make it bootable.
  3. Download the ZIP file for your camera from this page and extract the contents to root folder of your SD card.
  4. Safely remove the SD card, and lock it for write-protection this is an important step. The card must be write-protected, or CHDK will not run. This is a simple way to turn on, and turn off CHDK: remove write protection to use the default firmware, and lock it for writing to use CHDK.
  5. Enjoy your new firmware, but make sure you read the user manual (check which version you want); CHDK is daunting and confusing at first.

For older models, such as Canon A430 (my camera, basically!), download the DISKBOOT.BIN file linked in this forum post. Both the pictures shown in this post were taken/modified with my Canon A430.

Open Source Alcohol – FREE BEER!

The title is not wrong FREE BEER (it is in all caps) is a beer that is free as in freedom (libre) as opposed to free-of-charge and was conceived in an IT University in Copenhagen by a group of students and Superflex a Copenhagen based artist collective. This project aimed to put Open Source methods to use in the real world, and to educate the freedom that open source gave as opposed to free, closed-source projects (such as freeware). Freebeer

FREE BEER has been derived from the original project called Vores Øl v. 1. The recipe for FREE BEER is published under a Creative Commons (Attribution-ShareAlike v2.5) license, which means that anyone can earn money from home brewed FREE BEER, and they can also modify the recipe as long as they publish their recipe under the same license and credit the original brewers.

The beer can be brewed at home (giving a new meaning for the reverse-derived homebrew, for tech-addicts), however make sure you know the laws around your country/region. In some places, the ingredients are hard to get and might not be legal. Printable brand logos are also available around the site to brand your alcohol   bottle!

The latest recipe (v 4.0) was last published in September of 08 so you know it’s been quite some time since a revision has come into force. Why not try a hand at it during your holidays?

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Demo

Metal Gear Solid this phrase refreshes a countless set of memories. Hideo Kojima made one of the most compelling and unique gammetal_gear_solid_peace_walker_logo_c1es back in the day in 1998 for the PC and the PSX. This game spawned an extensive series around the story of the first game and Portable Ops was the first entrant of this series on Sony’s handheld, the PSP.

Now, a sequel to the highly acclaimed Portable Ops has come for the PSP in the form of Peace Walker. The story, set in the year 1974, deals with an unknown army of soldiers who have taken over the country of Costa Rica and have brought in the eponymous Peace Walkernuclear waMetal-Gear-Solid-Peace-Walkerrhead. Snake is asked by the Costa Ricans to save their country, however he finds out that this unknown army is financed by the CIA. What follows is yet another Kojima thriller with twists and turns and many old characters being drawn into this cold war centric game.

Of course, if you cannot wait to see how this one measures up against Portable Ops, you can download the Japanese demo (released at the Tokyo Game Show) from IGN‘s page. Be warned however, that this is a Japanese version everything is in Japanese. An IGN forum topic and FAQ has been setup to help you with this game. Download the ~151 MB file and unzip it in your PSP->GAME folder and go save Costa Rica!

Top 5 Tower Defense Games

Everybody likes tower defense. The games are insanely addictive. Just yesterday, Keith asked me to review a few of these games, including his personal favorite Bloons. He linked me to the game, and what was supposed to be yesterday’s review was postponed to today because I could not stop playing that game.

It’s fun, it’s addictive and it is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Tower Defense genre’ (because strategyis too loose a term to describe these games). All of these games have a common gameplay scheme a wave of enemies come from one or more entry points, and they must be killed before they can reach the exit. This genre is so popular that in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, there was a secret tower defense game during the campaign! Presented below are the top 5 tower defense games in my opinion.

  1. Bloons Tower Defense 3: Monkeys bursting balloons (bloons). In its entirety, that is the game and it is highly addictive. This sequel to the immensely popular Bloons is outstanding in its simplicity and complex in its strategy. There are quite a few units to choose from, while the interface is very easy to get used to. Be warned this game is very addictive!
  2. Vector TD X: Possibly the most polished of all Tower Defense games, this tower defense game looks and plays smoothly. With line vector graphics, and a high-tech SF look, this game is a treat on the eyes and is also super-fun to play!
  3. Random Tower Defence [sic]: This is one tower defense game where the design has taken a backseat to complete ridiculousness. You will have to defeat opponents that range from being simple brown spheres to luscious lips to even Agent Smith. All of these are simple pictures, and though this game offers nothing more than usual in terms of tower defense, it will offer a few laughs when it comes to playing it.
  4. FlashCraft: A game that is unique in the fact that the towers can take damage and be destroyed. This game mimics Warcraft III in both the main screen and the design of the towers and units. Great fun to play, but a tad bit difficult.
  5. Protector: An attempt to marry RPGs and TDs, this game does not have towers it has wizards and soldiers that can be leveled up by choosing two different paths. This game is well designed and well balanced so you will have a challenging time defending the path!

Top 3 Social Gaming Websites

Gamers are usually not the most social of people. That said social gaming- when not applied to Facebook’s Mafia Wars and when gregariously applied to the mass of hardcore gamers is something only the internet can conjure up. However, with the advent of MMOGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Games), and other games such as Counter Strike, Quake III Arena, Battlefield 1942, Halo and others of yesteryear the entire paradigm of gaming shifted to accommodate a second, a third and then many more players along with the original player. LAN parties became prominent and eventually gamers felt the need to discuss their games on a platform dedicated to their passion. Thus, social gaming websites popped up on the internet. These websites provide various services, but their core service is the same to bring gamers on the same gaming platform together. So, without further ado, here are the top 3 social gaming websites.

  1. Raptr: Sporting a cute orange cartoon velociraptor as its mascot, Raptr aims to be a merger beraptrtween microblogging and gaming. The dashboard is reminiscent of Facebook’s status update or Twitter’s home page, while the entire experience is like using with review s, collections and ratings only with games. Users get to update their status like a normal microblogging service, but users can also update their status with which game they are playing, or they want to play. If the user’s account is connected with Twitter or Facebook, this is also reflected in the two sites. Apart from that, Raptr also has its own multi-platform IM client that also logs the amount of time spent playing a game automatically, and updates the status message of the client accordingly. With support for a huge variety of games, it has become the premier destination for gamers who wish to socialize while not giving up on their passion.
  2. GamerDNA: With the advent of blogging, the proliferation of news and the amount of duplication of said news is humungous. For gamers, this means sifting through a gamerdnavery large collection of gaming news blogs, RSS feeds and/or official sites for the latest updates on gam es, new DLC and other things of interest. GamerDNA hopes to make this sifting through’ process slightly easier with aggregated content of games that you like or you might be interested in (based on your library of games). Again, this also includes user-posted content and reviews for your reading pleasure. All this goes into filling the empty space between one gaming session and the next!
  3. UGAME: The most obvious feature of UGAME is the privacy control. While most of the features are similar to the other sites – with certain shortcomings the UGAME network makes up for this by ensuring that with itsugame privacy controls gamers can share content with either the entire world, or with a limited set of people, and categorize between their friends to share only specific content with some friends. This is akin to Facebook’s friend lists and privacy controls. In all, a worthy addition to this list. Check it out!

Good Old Games from

There are classics in about everything possible from music, to automobiles to movies. However, classGOGics are also adored in the gaming industry, with titles such as Fallout, Beneath a Steel Sky, or even Unreal Tournament. These are widely renowned to be the best the industry has to offer not in terms of graphics, but in terms of gameplay, storyline or the sheer fun factor involved while playing these games. These are good old games, and if you wish to play these golden oldies having them delivered directly to your hard drive, then is your friend.

There are times when an innocuous game captures your heart with its simple but effective presentation and overall awesomeness stocks these and more critically acclaimed games that will suck you in with their believable atmosphere and quirky presentation to really let you know what gaming is all about. Not only that, all of’s games are available in these prices Free, $5.99 or $9.99. The site accepts PayPal as well as major cards, so you will be additionally protected! Also, all of these games are completely DRM free. You buy it you keep it and play it in as many computers as you want. also boasts (with good reason) of a Classy Community gamers here are mostly mature and are up for civilized debates and you won’t find the LOL DIS GAME IS TEH STUPOD MY GAME ROXin its forums. No sir crazy fanboys are for other sites, not

The huge catalogue can make it quite a daunting task to actually choose a game from but do look around, there might be quite a few games that you would remember from those good old days, and quite a few you might actually want to try out.

Still confused? Here are a few of this author’s picks:GroudControl

Fallout: One of the best old RPGs out there. Fallout

Ground Control: An amazingly fresh and new RTS experience.Beyond Good and Evil

Beyond Good and Evil: As one of the forum members pointed out: Good: This game. Evil: No-one bought it. Until now..

Giants: Citizen Kabuto: Crazy, refreshing and jam-packed with hilarity, this third-person action game will have you up through the night!

Sacrifice: Tim Burton meets RTS gaming. Nuff said, buy it and play it. You won’t go wrong.

Damn Small Linux – the bite-sized Linux distro

What if there was a Linux Distributable that has an FTP client, Firefox and two more web browsers, a word processor, a multi-platform IM client, a DHCP client, PPP, PPPoE and even a web server and a GUI interface and was about 50 MB in size? Surprised? Amazed? You should be, for this is Damn Small Linux which to my greatest pride was the first ever Linux distro I had ever used. Why? Because it was the first distro I knew that was so tiny that I could download it in minutes, and could also run live. Damn Small Linux

Damn Small Linux promised me, a Linux newbie at that time, what other distros with their monstrously obscure names such as Ubuntuand Fedoraand Red Hatcould not complete reversibility and NO formatting. Thus, I dove right in and burnt the distro to the CD. Once it launched I was pleasantly surprised to find one of the most usable and simple operating systems that is also very, very fast. Earlier today I stumbled upon DSL’s website and downloaded their latest version, bringing back with it the same usability, simplicity and good old memories of me smuggling in a mini-CD and installing it on one of the school’s computers, much to the chagrin of the teacher.

The main applications of DSL are aimed at being very light on RAM but very high in work efficiency. The window manager that is mostly used (FluxBox) is excellently usable and it makes no difference whether I am on an ancient computer (like my old laptop, for example) or a gaming rig (my desktop PC, for example) it is super-fast. The rest of the applications speak for themselves, and the inclusion of good ol’ Firefox is welcome (since I found working on Dillo to be slightly awkward).

Although I am not going into the details of this distro, because I urge you to try it out. With a 50 MB installation and minimum requirements being an Intel i486 (50 MHz) and 16 MB RAM, you really cannot go wrong with this one.

Twitter’s New Retweet API

Twitter has been playing around with its features for some time now. The most recent that comes to mind is the change of Replies to Mentions whereby Twitter officially accommodated the usage of the @reply in mentioning users instead of just replying to them. While this change has been mostly cosmetic, Twitter’s new upcoming API that bestows upon the developer the power of Retweets.

Alright, so that was unnecessarily dramatic, but a screenshot released by Twitter’s developer Marcel Molina shows exactly what the new API in Twitter’s timeline could do. Retweets are basically tweets from other users that you decide to share on your own timeline because they are either one or a combination of awesome/hilarious/interesting/WTH-inducing links or text. These tweets are prefixed with an RT and @username, username being the user whose tweet is being retweeted. These have become a very popular way of sharing interesting-ness on Twitter.

So without further ado, on with the screenshot!

Twitter API Screenshot

As you can see from the picture, there are three tabs in the Retweet column Retweets by others (most probably your friends), Retweets by you and Your tweets, retweeted (both self-explanatory). You can also note that in the Latestnotification, there is no RTbefore SarahKSilverman, and the username itself is in bold signifying that there will not be any necessity for an RT before the name of the user. Again, simple statistics about the number of retweets (to a maximum of 100) and the users who have retweeted (with a maximum of 32 avatars displayed on the starting page) are shown and the appearance of the quirky Twitter Bird cannot be missed.

Look out for this new feature coming to your Twitter profile soon!

PSP Firmware Update v6.00

OK, before you guys jump to a hotspot and try and update your precious Sony PlayStation Psony-psp-3000ortable, let me tell you that the PSP Firmware Update v6.00 is NOT a major update. Yes, Sony has done it again by having a new PSP firmware with alarmingly minor [visible] updates and labeled it with something cool a new number! (The last major update was 5.51) The list of new features are listed below from the PlayStation Blog, and IGN’s post and as such are nothing to go gaga over.

  • For those of you looking to customize your XMB (XrossMediaBar), a few new colors will be added under the Theme Settings. These new theme colors can be used on PSP models 2000 or after (PSP-2000, 3000 and N1000).
  • A security patch has been added.
  • [Network Update] has been renamed as [System Update].

The security patch is definitely the most obvious thing to look out for because it might deter or slow the usual slew of hackers from hacking this system. (But with most of them content with the old firmware, I hardly expect much work to go on with this new firmware)

IGN reports that with this new update downloaded games can be grouped in folders, based on their expiry date. (Only. No custom folders, unfortunately) This hints at gaming rental system of the PlayStation Network. It also says that the preview icons have become smaller, which is not good. Let’s just hope Sony does something good with its next FW upgrade (as we have been saying for ages now). Again, says that MediaGo! playlists can be imported to the Music folder of the PSP (Unconfirmed). I hope the last one is true, at least, for I have a cartload of mood-centric playlists sitting idle without a real “playlist” on the PSP.

3 Firefox Add-ons for Screen Captures

As a web developer or a layman, internet users have long needed a quick-and-easy way to capture a browser window or a part of the page effectively. While for most, a simple Print-Screen+ paste to [insert favorite image editor here] works, power users demand the ability to post it to an online image host, or even have the ability to annotate it for other users. Listed below are three great Mozilla Firefox Add-ons that give you the ability to do just that.

  1. Screengrab: The simplest of the lot, Screengrab does what it says it grabsa screen, and either saves it to a file or to the clipboard. It can also capture paScreenGrabrts of the screen that you want a selection. If the browser has Java and Flash installed, then the add-on can save still-shots of a Flash or Java animations. It can also capture the entire (scrollable) page, or just the viewable part or even a draggable selection! This is a one-shot screen grabbing tool for all those who do not want to go through the trouble of Print-Screening the entire page.
  2. Fireshot: This is one of the best screenshot add-ons available simply because of the plethora of tools it comes bundled along with. Not only can you savefireshot the entire webpage as a PNG, JPG, BMP or GIF file, you can add textual and graphical annotations that can be immediately mailed off to a colleague or a friend wh o might be interested. You can directly upload the pages to an online image hosting service, along with the ability to print whatever you have just Fireshot! While the simple version is free, the Pro version costs $34.95 with some advanced functionality.
  3. Abduction : This is yet another screenabduction! capture add-on with a difference it adds a right-click menu item that can be used to capture the current website. The menu item comes as under Save Page as Imageand you can select what part of the page you wish to save as an image. A single click on an element will quickly select it, while a double click will select the entire page (visible as well as the non-visible portions). This is a great add-on for those looking for a clean and fast screen grabbing add-on for Firefox!

5 Great AIM Chatbots

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) is a popular Instant Messaging service launched in 1997 by America Online LLC (AOL) that reportedly shares about 52% of the IM market in North America (as of 2006). However that figure may have dipped (what with the rise of the Google+Jabber behemoth Gtalk) in the recent years, it still remains as a stalwart of chat-clients. With the advent of robots (scripts programmed to converse with real users as a chatter) or bots, AIM delivered a richer and more satisfying experience online. A few of these great AIM chatbots are outlined below:-

  1. gbuddyGbuddy: So your friends use AIM way more than Gtalk but you suffer from Google withdrawal symptoms every time you login to AIM. Fear not! Gbuddy allows you to search YouTube videos, images, code, and get driving directions along with vanilla Google searching all inside your IM. With features such as group search and transit planning, this chatbot is sure going to be your personal aide on AIM for quite some time!
  2. MyBot: Interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI)? This bot will surely give you hours of fun if you keep talking to it. Acting akin to the original ELIZA (which it even refers to along with HAL9000!) with advanced programming, MyBot will keep you enthralled for the time you log on to your AIM account!
  3. GossipinGabby: A ubiquitous bot, GossipinGabby is usually added to your AIM accounts by default. Search for news and related gossip of celebrities and gossipingabbyother flamboyant personas that you want to keep tabs about!
  4. Already outlined in another post this is a great service for those social media fanatics who cannot level up in Mafia Wars on Facebook without telling their Twitter and Tumblr followers the great news. Add it up to your AIM account as well for awesome socializing!
  5. Do you love movies? Can’t stay without constantly digging up news stories about the upcoming movies? MrMovie helps you look for movies by Title and also displays the price of the DVD along with articles on actors, actresses, directors and producers of movies. This is an amazing addition to your IM list on AIM. Go for it!

PS3 Slim Details

The internet is all abuzz with Sony’s upgraded PlayStation 3 console, called the “Slim”. Not unlike the PlayStation Portable Slim modification, the PS3 Slim also features a slew of external hardware modifications (and some internal ones as well) that make it a slimmer, cleaner model than its fatbrother. However, the price is what people are excited about at $299 for a 120GB version, the console is cheaper than its current iteration’s 120GB model, while delivering the same PS3 gaming package. Here are the details of this great gaming console.

PS3 SlimAvailability: September 1 in the US. The existing 80GB model has dropped its price to $300 the same as the new PS3 Slim’s release price. Expect great deals from online resellers as they give away free games with the new model for high sales figures.

Hardware: There are two USB ports instead of four, and there are no media card readers present. There is no on-off switch behind the console which is indeed slimmer and sleeker than the original. You can upgrade the hard drives or install your own SATA hard drives (which is more easier in this version as there only two screws to remove and plug in your SATA disk). You can also sync your PS3 Slim to your Sony Bravia TV, and control the Xcross Media Bar (XMB) with the Bravia remote.

Internally, the Cell processor from IBM and Toshiba has undergone a change from 65nm to 45nm process, delivering the same (or more as yet unknown) power while consuming lesser power and being quieter. Speculation deems that the PS3 Slim will be faster than the original at least where loading times and slight framerates are concerned.

Software: Sony will release the 3.x Firmware update the same day the PS3 Slim goes on sale so you will need to update it out of the box. For Open Source lovers, there is big problem Sony removed support for other OSs. This means that you cannot install your beloved Linux flavor on this console.

Bottomline: Did I tell you it plays the same old PS3 games with Wifi, PSN, PlayStation Home and all the other goodies? It does! Well, it’s the same old console in a nicer package and a cheaper price. I’d say go for it!

Top 3 Racing Games for the PSP

If there is one genre that all gamers have played at one point or another, it is racing. From stalwarts of the genre like Need for Speed to quirky titles like Re-volt from Acclaim, the PC has seen it all. However, how many know about the best racing games on Sony’s PlayStation Portable handheld console? Here is a short list of all the best racing action that we have seen (or will be seeing!) on the PSP. Here’s a short list of the best racing games on the handheld.

WipEout Pulse

WipEout PulseDoes futuristic racing action catch your eye more than anything? Then you must be a sure-fire fan of the WipEout series. With a long tradition of anti-gravity racing action and a history for each and every team that you play with, along with eye-popping graphics and stunning extensibility, the last installment of the WipEout series is definitely one of the best racing games on the PSP. Featuring electronic music (and the ability to add your own playlist to the background music), high-speed racing action with weapons and extensive multiplayer, this was slated to be a hit with fans, but became far, far more.

Ridge Racer

Ridge Racer Namco has a long history of showcasing Sony’s gaming console’s power with their Ridge Racer series. Both the PSOne and the PS2 have had their share of Ridge Racer that has shared a mixed relationship with the general gaming public. However, with their new Ridge Racer, Namco have outdone themselves by tweaking the PSP to its limit with a classy 80’s racing simulation with gorgeous visuals and highly addictive gameplay. If you want a great racing game on your PSP, this is it!

Burnout Dominator

Burnout Dominator Arcade racing definitely means Burnout. What with the focus on crazed driving around cities with infinite Burnoutboosts and multipliers, fans of the series professed addiction solely because of the amount of insanely fun driving that you can do around the world. Technically impressive and very, very high on the funquotient, the Burnout Dominator is a great racing game for your PSP.

5 Great Google Talk Bots

Google Talk is predominantly used for its simple and fast interface as well as its unobtrusive notifications. Moreover, it now supports voice chat and video calling as well making it one of the best featured chat clients on the internet.


However, there is a side to it that most people do not know much about it is actually a Jabber/XMPP protocol using chat client and there are a variety of chat bots for this platform. Listed are five very useful bots that transform Google Talk into a powerhouse.

  1. Translation Bot: This offering from Google Translate turns your IM client into a ready-to-go translation service. All you need to add is the correct bot such as [email protected] (for English to Hindi), or perhaps an English to German bot [email protected] and start sending it the translation requests. Although this feature is not one hundred percent accurate, it is still a highly useful feature for all those users who need to translate small pieces of text on a daily basis. The full list of translation bots contains a lot more bots in other languages as well.
  2. This all-in-one bot sends messages to 40 social networking websites supported by it including status updates on Facebook, tweets to Twitter (obviously!), microblog posts to Tumblr and other fun features. Best of all, this messaging system works right from your IM client and is completely free.logo Head over to’s site and sign up for all of its features and the IM chat bot!
  3. Meshly: This link site has an IM client! All you need to do is add their chat bot [email protected] to your friend-list and you are good to go. It works completely off IM clients and you can also add categories, tags and even a short description with the IM message you send.
  4. Aardvark: This startup is something of a mashup of Yahoo! Answers and Instant Messaging. Ask a question to the bot, and based on its algorithms it will compute its own tag (or you could give it a few) and it will ask the right people your question and you will get an answer shortly you may also receive questions based on the topics you like. This brilliant idea works very well and you almost always get a useful answer. Sign up for its bot!Aardvark
  5. Askme.IM: This site is dedicated to developer chat bots from India. From live cricket scores ([email protected]) to movie reviews ([email protected]) to even pending criminal cases against sitting Indian parliamentarians ([email protected]) this website has quite a few bots that work very well with Google Talk and are sometimes very useful on the go.

Editor’s Note: If you are looking to find dictionary meaning don’t forget to add our exclusive dictionary bot to your Google Talk friend list you can learn more about our exclusive Dictionary Lookup Bot for IM. If you are on Twitter, don’t forget to add @twitlookup to your friend list, it allows you to find dictionary meanings, get weather updates and more without leaving twitter, learn more about Twit Lookup.

Top 3 Shooting Games for the PSP

Let’s face it you are not going to grind at hours on end on your Sony PlayStation Portable with an RPG in those short 20 minute commutes to your school/college/work. Neither are you going to use your brain too much and devise the best strategy in a game. Most of you who fall under this category love action games, specifically games that allow you to use the biggest and the meanest guns to take down hordes upon hordes of your enemies. Yes, we all love shooters. However, when playing on a console with just one analog stick, things can become tough at times. Fear not, however for there are quite a few awesome games for the PSP that overcome its control impediments and truly shine. Listed below are the top three shooting games for the PSP a short list that should be on any gamer’s library

Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow


If there is a shooting game that can be praised solely for its story and the complexity thereof, Logan’s Shadow would be one of the top contenders. Flawlessly developed by Sony Bend, along with the previous game (Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror), it features extensive graphics not thought possible on the tiny console as well as a richly detailed storyline complete with many twists and turns. Logan’s Shadow also comes complete with multiplayer options that are varied and improved modes such as Retrieval (similar to Capture the Flag) and Sabotage. This game is a must buy for any PSP fan whatever his or her choice in genres may be.

Killzone: Liberation


For PS2 fans, Killzone was a hit First Person Shooter (FPS) that defined why they stayed up late staring at their TV screens night after night. In this PSP console, you play Templar, the hero from the first game and this is one of those few games that is reason enough to own the PSP. Though sometimes not as detailed as the first game, Liberation is a fun game to play on the road, with short bursts of gameplay being the most common in every level. Developed by the same people who did the original, Guerilla Games, this title is nothing short of kick-ass.

Resistance: Retribution


The hit franchise based on Sony’s PlayStation 3 home console came to the handheld console and within weeks of its release, blew away most of its competition. Yes, Resistance: Retribution, with its great story, amazing graphics, loads of unlockables, killer multiplayer and PS3 connectivity is nothing short of awesome. Set in an alternate history storyline, you fight monsters, humans and aliens with detailed weaponry. Developed by the acclaimed Sony Bend studios (the same people who gave us the Syphon Filter games), this is a great addition for the Resistance series fans as well as action game junkies.