Give One File – Get One Free

I came across a fun site today. If you like surprising yourself, you should visit this site. At FileSwap, you get a random file in return, whenever you upload any file. You can upload nature photos, personal pictures, wallpapers, audio files, icons, videos , just about any form of media file and you’ll get a random file in return, which will be uploaded by another person.


Though this is fun, you should be careful of viruses that might end up on your system. So always make sure you scan the file using an anti-virus software and then see what it’s contents are.

If you do not have any anti-virus software installed, it is not recommended that you use this service !

[ Visit FileSwap ]

FileSwap may be up for sale, if you are interested :) .

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Find Wireless Networks Around Your MAC

One of the best features in Windows based laptop is that, it auto detects any wireless connections around your system. Very handy feature if you are on the move.

Though the beta is yet to be announced, it will be on most MACs once it will be released. This will be a powerful utility which will collect all the information about all the nearby 802.11b/g wireless networks and access points around you.


So the next time you are travelling you will be able to find all the networks or any network related problems.

Head to MacStumbler and sign up to their beta launch announcement newsletter, and you’ll be notified when they release beta.

[ Visit MacStumbler ]

Simple Free Drawing Tool For MAC

If you have MAC OS X 10.4 and 10.5, then download Scribbles, a simple, incredibly easy to sue, revolutionary interface and powerful drawing tool for MAC.

You can download it for free and use it as long as you want, and you can buy the license for $19.95 when you are happy with it’s performance.

scribbles-large It’s revolutionary user interface coupled with it’s advanced stroke rendering makes all your sketches as real as possible and incredibly easy to use . Most other drawing tools limit you when it comes to the canvas size, as you’ll be forced to pre-define the size of the canvas, Scribbles on the other hand gives you the flexibility to go beyond the notion of defined canvas size. You can re-size the canvas to suit your need, even when you in the middle of a sketch.

Zooming in to the minute details along with panning forever are other noticeable features. The best feature is, if you re-size your window, Scribbles automatically will re-render the entire sketch/drawing, proportionally from the raw vector data. This ensures you don’t run short of pixels, and your sketch looks of high quality as ever.

Scribbles will perform best with any CoreImage capable graphic card, so in case you have it on you system, you are in for better overall experience, though this is not mandatory.

Have a look at what other Scribblers have come up with in this Gallery.

System requirements for Scribbles:
G4, G5 or Intel Mac.
Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5.

[ Download Scribbles ]

Free Demographics Prediction Tool

If you are interested in knowing demographic information like a user’s gender, age and distribution across different age groups on a particular website, or for a particular search query, then you can use the free Demographics Prediction – Audience Intelligence tool from MSN.

This tool advertisers refine and fine tune their advertising campaigns, as they get access to fine details, which helps them come up with better and laser targeted keywords. It improves the advertisers demographic targeted campaigns.

The predicted numbers are based on search queries done on one month average of MSN’s search log.

The tool lets you search for information based on two metrics – query and URL.
Some query examples are : shopping (it’s obvious this niche is female oriented), formula one (male dominate here) and so on.

URL based, type in any URL and you’ll get the approximate numbers.
seems like Techie-Buzz has over 70% male crowd coming in :) :


[ Demographics Prediction Tool ]

Send And Save Large Files Up To 2 GB Securely Online

Email services normally have a limitation on the size of file you can send via attachment. You can over come this limitation using the free services from DropSend. If you want to send large files, then this is the answer.

Using DropSend you can send files up to 2 GB, and the files can be of any format – jpegs, pdfs, media files: video and mp3’s. Since the files are sent over secure medium, you can use this service to send confidential files to your clients as well. They have a Desktop widget for Windows and Mac, once installed, you can directly send the file from your Desktop and there is no need to login to the webpage.


Using their free plan you can send files of Max size up to 2 GB, and store up to 250 MB of data online, which can be accessed from anywhere.

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DropSend provides you virtual hard drive, where in you can back up all your important files online. The files stored in your virtual hard drive can be accessed from anywhere where you have internet connectivity and you can share those files with others as well. However, the group-sharing facility is not available in the free package, you’ll have to upgrade your package to use this feature.

[ Visit DropSend ]

Test Mobile Phones Online Before Buying

Mobiles have become such an integral part of our daily life that we often wonder how we survived all these years without these magical gadgets. Tiny, but powerful, and handy. But you all know they come in a wide variety that it becomes very essential to choose the right one.

How can you do this? Now, you can test wide variety of mobiles right from where you are, is a web 2.0 site, that gives you the pleasure of checking mobiles online!! On line….? Doubtful whether you read right? Surely this calls for celebration, go to and test drive for mobiles of companies like Apple, IPhone, Nokia N95, HTC Shadow, Palm Centro, Black Berry, Pearl8100, and many more, on this Mobile Test Platform, which is still in beta.


What’s more, the site provides online virtual handsets, to test the mobiles, without having to move from your place! also provides an overview and details specs for various mobiles. You also find reviews of mobiles by the actual end users.

You can test the mobile phones for its various functions,   like taking/saving pictures; sending picture messages; accessing voice mails; videos; downloading files; checking mails and lots more.   You can test the product features in and out and no feature would be left unnoticed.


All you impatient people out there, who do not have the time or the patience to go through the whole handbook, I think your prayers are answered, here on this very site! This is closest one can get to ‘try before you buy’ virtually.

This is definitely an all user-friendly test mode, for any mobiles. Try and see for yourself!!

[ Visit TryPhone ]

Check What Phrases, Words, Idioms And Acronyms Mean

MetaGlossary will help you find comprehensive information about phrases, words, idioms and acronyms from the Internet. The problem with traditional dictionaries is, that they are not updated and the content in them is outdated. But the smart technology employed in MetaGlossary constantly updates its database with harvested definitions from the entire web.

Since it keeps constantly updating it’s info-database, you are bound to get most most current information.


The end result is organized and pretty accurate, but honestly I think there is a lot of scope for improvement going further. It’s not a replacement for our traditional search engines but a good alternative for Google’s Dictionary.

We are all eyes and watching MetaGlossaries growth path.

[ Visit MetaGlossary ]

Smart Playlist Generator For Linux

Surprise yourself with a list of songs from your favorite genre and those that match in frequency. GJay is a smart playlist creator, which will search your collection of songs, gather information about each song, using   – the frequency ‘fingerprint’ methodology and beats per minute, and create a smart playlist of songs that match in frequency and beats.

You can describe and rank your music and assign each song a color. GJay then builds a playlist based on the characteristics you’ve set for each song. You also have option to set the relative importance of various features between songs. GJay will match all the features and build a playlist of songs matching your highest priority.

GJay is still emerging, so do not expect something extraordinary, but it does manage the job pretty efficiently.


To create a playlist:

> Create a list and copy all the songs into it.

> If you’ve set rules then songs below the set rating will be cut-off

> Choose the starting song randomly, either by user or by color.

Follow the instructions step by step as mentioned on GJay’s site :

  • (*) Pick a random subset of the working list. The random subset’s size varies by the user’s randomness parameter; the more random the playlist, the fewer songs in this subset.
  • Sort this subset with a ranking algorithm. The most appropriate song to go next in the list will be first in the list. Each factor is weighted by its user-defined importance. If a factor is marked as maintain, we calculate the difference between a given song and the first song in the playlist; otherwise, the most recently added song to the playlist is used for comparison.
  • Repeat (*) until the playlist is done

[ Download GJay ]

Musicians, artists, and dancers platform for self promotion

If you are a musician, artist or a dancer and if you are looking for an easy and a quick way to promote yourself, you should take a look at iOpera.

Still in their beta, they have three products to choose from –

  • iOpera Showroom – platform to showcase musicflim productions
  • iOpera House – exclusively for singers
  • iOpera Manager – platform for artists to create, powerful, rich websites within minutes.

While iOpera Showroom and iOpera House are yet to be released, let us take a peek at all the functionalities iOpera Manager has to offer.

With iOpera Manager you can create your own website with just a few clicks. Use any computer connected to the internet and you can add video, music, text files, pictures and all other forms of media files. It also comes with an inbuilt Search Engine, that helps you market yourself and also find media content you might be interested in.


Some of the other features are:

  • You can promote yourself, a festival, a concert tour,
  • You can share your schedule, performances, recordings and picture,
  • Now your friends, family and audience can be updated with latest updates about you.

iOpera is a paid monthly service, which costs $3.29 a month. Try the 7 days free trial and decide if iOpera is the solution you’ve been looking for.

[ Visit iOpera ]

Lock Your Latop With Your Cell Phone / Mobile

It may not be the perfect solution for security freaks out there, who look for top notch security for their gadgets, but definitely the answer for those of you who wish to avoid lap-top peepers. You know what I’m talking about, like leaving your laptop on while you walk away in the canteen to get something for yourself, you wouldn’t want the world around you to peep and see what you’ve been up to right ? This Phoenixs new Freeze application, may be just what you are looking for, which assures of fitting any blue-tooth phone with a proximity lock:

Watch this video to see freeze in action:

Kinda Artificial Intelligence :) .. One phone can be used to control number of laptops, and you additionally can set up power saving mode as soon as the phone is moved out of the proximity range. Some of the advantages of using Freeze are power saving and increased productivity.

Best of all, is that this application is available as a free download (a 14 day trial), but currently is tailor made for Windows XP and Vista only. If you are happy with what the trial then you get the full version dirt cheap.

Phoenix is planning to release features more rich and sumptuous, but all that is planned for sometime later, as it is now concentrating on dealing with computer manufactures hoping to get a standard option for new laptops!!

[ Download PhoenixFreeze ]