Capture Data In Lists, Trees, Text And Combo Of HTML Pages

SysExporter is a freeware that permits you to capture data contained in lists, trees, text and combo boxes as well as HTML and Web Browser controls of any of your system applications. This captured data can then be exported to HTML, XML or text files. Both the data display and export facilities are available in the main window of the software itself.

The captured and exported data can be copied on the clipboard and pasted to any application that supports the tab de-limited format in which it is saved in the clipboard.

Data that can be captured and exported include file lists within archive files and folders, Windows’ event log, Email and Contact lists in Outlook, Registry value list in the Registry Editor, Registry monitor, File monitor, process monitor and further data in SysInternals. The regular Windows message box text and Internet Explorer’s HTML can also be captured and exported by this software.


SysExporter is compatible with Windows NT/2000/XP/Server 2003/ Server 2008/Vista and 7. The software does work in Windows 9X and ME but it is unable to capture and export data from tree and list views. Data export is supported only for combo and list boxes in these operating systems.

The targeting key permits the user easy spotting of the window to which he wants to export data. The latest version 1.51 of this software has a new feature Remove-Question-Mark-Characters’ that can be used for date and time columns and in Explorer columns in Windows Vista.

A minor limitation of this software is that it cannot capture and export data from applications that store the data in a site of the system memory instead of stocking them in the controls that exhibit them to the user.

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List Of Windows Updates On Your System

WinUpdatesList v1.23 is a freeware that shows a catalog of Windows updates that are set up in your computer. These updates refer to Hotfix and Service Packs updates. In case of hotfixes the software permits the user to view which files have been updated with them. This information is shown in the main window. You can also access the MS web venue Web Link that supplies details about a chosen update. To get the additional details select the update and choose Open-web-link in the file menu.

You can also perform update un-installation using WinUpdatesList v1.23. The list of updates can be added to the clip board or alternatively command-line options can be used to save the list to HTML, Text files or XML files.

The software also enables you to watch the Windows Updates of some other operating system provided that OS is Windows XP or 2000. These other OS may be either on the local computer or on a distant computer.


The software is compatible with Windows 98/2000/ME and XP. Though the software does work in Windows ME and 98 all update details may not be exhibited as some of the information is not stocked up in the Windows Registry in these operating systems.

Being a standalone executable no installation process or extra DLLs are needed. The file has to be placed in a folder and run for using it. The latest version 1.23 of WinUpdatesList software displays dates correctly in the user locale instead of the system locale. This is the new feature in this version.

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Freeware To Capture In-Depth Network Details

AdapterWatch v 1.05 is a freeware that supplies beneficial details about the network adapter including IP and hardware addresses, WINS and DNS servers, total bytes sent and received, MTU value, present transmit speed and lots more. This information is presented by the main window of the software.

You can also get an idea about TCP/IP and ICMP and UDP statistics of your system by using this software. This information can be obtained by hitting the preferred tab.

The software allows release and refreshing of IP addresses attained from the DHCP sever. This task can be performed by clicking the network adaptor to choose it and select the favored action on the File menu.

This software is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista. It works in Windows 98 and Windows ME, however complete adapter details may not be exhibited.


Command-line options can be used to save the catalog of network adapters to HTML, and text files (tab de-limited).

The software being a standalone executable does not need installation procedure and extra DLLs. The executable has to be run after transferring it to a desired folder.

The earlier editions of AdapterWatch software showed incorrect MTU values that were loaded from Windows API. The latest version 1.05 of the software corrects this anomaly by obtaining the MTU value from Windows Registry.

This software can also be translated into other languages. The translation procedure will transform the dialog boxes, menus and strings of the software to the other language and finally the converted strings will be obtained from the language file.

Even after the translation steps are over Adapter Watch version 1.05 can be run without translation by changing the language file’s name or altering the location of the file to some other folder.

It is backed by email assistance to help solve bugs bumped into by users when they use the software.

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Retrieve WEP / Wireless Network Keys And Passwords

WirelessKeyView v1.26 is a freeware that works on Windows XP which has SP1 or more. On logging in to windows with administration user privileges you can make use of WirelessKeyView v1.26 for retrieving all WEP or wireless-network keys and WPA or wireless-network passwords.

These are stocked up in your system by the wireless zero and WLAN auto configuration services in Windows XP and Vista respectively. While the wireless keys are stocked in the Registry in Windows XP, in Windows Vista their storage is done by the file system. The software does not recover third party stored network keys.

WirelessKeyView v1.26 helps you save the retrieved keys to files of various types. You can also copy any sole key to clipboard. The Command-line option allows you to save the catalog of all recovered wireless keys to file types like standard, tabular and tab-delimited text files as well as HTML and XML files.

The software also contains an option-Delete-selected-items’ that permits you to erase wireless keys and passwords belonging to previous network adaptors that are not plugged into your system now. However if the network adaptor is alive then the software cannot be used for deletion. You will have to make use of the Windows’ user interface for the purpose of erasure of unnecessary keys.

The earlier versions of this software would not display a key in ASCII format in the Vista operating-system if 32 characters were present in the WPA-PSK. This anomaly and bug has been removed in the new edition v1.26 of WirelessKeyView software.

Running the software is as easy as 1-2-3. No installation procedure is required. No extra DLL files are needed either. The executable file has to be simply copied to any desired folder and run.

It is possible to translate WirelessKeyView v1.26 to additional languages. Email assistance is provided to resolve issues and bugs.

[ Download WirelessKeyView ]

Detect And Screen Wireless Network Activity

WirelessNetView v1.21 is background software that detects and screens wireless network activity. It exhibits for every identified network its SSID, Average or most recent signal quality, Cipher and validation algorithms, Detection counter, MAC address, Channel frequency as well as number and RSSI.

Every wireless device’s company name is also shown by this software. The MAC address helps the software find out this name. A special external file is required to be placed in the software folder for accessing this attribute.

In the latest version of 1.21 information for maximum speed is also displayed unlike earlier editions of the software. The record of spotted wireless networks is repeatedly updated after every interval of 10 seconds to highlight those alterations that have occurred in the network signal and so as to append new networks to the catalog.

It is very easy to use this software as the executable file has to be just run. There is no difficult installation procedure for using WirelessNetView v1.21.

WirelessNetView v1.21 is a freeware that works only if the operating system of the computer is Windows Vista or Windows XP that have SP2 or SP3 and which possess a wireless network-adaptor and card driver. KB918997 is required to be set up in your system if it uses Windows XP operating system with SP2, for proper functioning of this software.

It is possible to translate WirelessNetView v1.21to different languages so that the dialog boxes and menus etc are converted to that language. On fulfilling translation process steps the transformed strings will be obtained from the software’s language file.

Even after this whole process is completed you can still operate the software without any translation by changing the language file’s name or by altering the location of the file to some other folder.

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Windows 7 Pricing Unveiled

On Thursday Microsoft announced the pricing information for Windows 7. Here’s a quick comparison of the rates between Windows Vista and Windows 7.

These are the rates if you upgrade your current version of Windows :

ProductWindows VistaWindows 7
Home Premium$129.99$119.99

These are the rates if you buy a new version of Windows :

ProductWindows VistaWindows 7
Home Premium$239.99$199.99

If you happen to or plan to buy Windows Vista Home Premium, Business or Ultimate from retailers after 26th June and before Jan 31st 2010, then you can upgrade your Vista version to Windows 7 for free.

If you are in US, then you can pre-order Windows 7 upgrade from your Vista, between June 26th July 11th. The rates are way cheaper if pre-ordered, Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade will cost $49.99, Windows 7 Professional upgrade will cost $99.99. This offer is available only via, Best Buy, or the official Microsoft Store.

This offer is available in different countries, but on different dates and prices will vary according to region. In Canada the offers from June 26th to July 11th, In Japan the offers from June 26th to July 5th, In France, Germany and UK the offer is valid from July 15th to August 14th. Microsoft has addressed professional and premium versions of Windows 7. I think they should consider a family pack as well, which mostly will be much cheaper than others, but comes with limited features to be used at home.

FoxyTunes Features

We recently wrote about YouTube being added as a part of FoxyTunes web-services FoxyTunes. In order to control YouTube with FoxyTunes you need to install the latest version of FoxyTunes and try it out with a particular YouTube playlist. As it’s already been mentioned before currently you can only support YouTube videos with FoxyTunes but the makers of this software are improving it further, so that it can support others too. I’m sure support for other video sites like MetaCafe should be in soon.

I’ve listed some of the important features and actions of the FoxyTunes below:-

  • It has the power to support several well known media players and is sure to support many players in the future as well.
  • It can be positioned any place in the browser. It can be placed on the status bar or on any of the toolbars of your computer.
  • It has its own Volume controls
  • FoxyTunes also come complete with its very own Seek Slider
  • It has a range of configurable shortcuts of the keyboard
  • It also shows track information of the currently played track
  • FoxyTunes can be customized and are also collapsible
  • It has an auto-hide function
  • FoxyTunes are both skinable and localizable
  • Through it you can automatically launch the player when necessary
  • You can pop up and also conceal the window player with just a click.

YouTube Gets Added To FoxyTunes As A Part Of It’s WebServices

FoxyTunes is among the world’s most popularly used Firefox extensions. It’s extreme popularity and quick growth was the reason for it to be acquired by the IT giants Yahoo for a staggering sum of 40 million US Dollars. Yahoo Music acquired it so as to expand it further. FoxyTunes already had a number of inviting features that made it instantly popular amongst music lovers, and with the newest release where in it has has additional maintenance for YouTube, the most popular video sharing website, FoxyTunes fan following will surely increase.

YouTube has been added to FoxyTunes as a part of its web services. If you have FoxyTunes installed, along with controlling the videos from YouTube you can also browse all the playlists with the toolbar, at the same time. For the time you can control the videos on; however as per the developers you will be able to put in support meant for all the videos that a person embeds, and this will be a part of web services real soon. In case you are wondering about FoxyTunes and their function then perhaps the next paragraph would be able to shed some light on the matter.

FoxyTunes was started out in the form of an easy and straightforward add-on that would aptly control a music player. This also offered support for many types of players while also showing important info about every song that has been chosen by the user and this info is shown while it’s being played. Important information showed to the listener, includes lyrics, artist search, genre and more.

These bits of information have completely altered the way an individual listens to music and thanks to this software music listening has become more interactive. FoxyTunes also immensely supports many services from the web like the and Rhapsody Online and as we can understand that the FoxyTunes isn’t just a mere uncomplicated player add-on but it’s also a perfect way to attach several files of music to Internet-power.

Free, Powerful PDF Toolkit

One needs to properly know or have a basic idea about Pdtfk before getting to work with it. There is a primary difference between Pdftk and PDF. If you consider the latter an electronic paper then the former is an electric staple remover, binder, secret decoder ring among others. This is a very simple tool and is extremely user friendly and no special expertise is needed to utilize it. This is a free tool that is required to operate everyday things with PDF documents. This is a perfect device’ that can do the following actions:-

It can split as well as merge several PDF pages

The Pdftk has the ability to both decrypt as well as encrypt several PDF documents

The Pdftk also has the power to both uncompress as well as decompress several streams of pages.

The above functions are considered to be its main purposes of existence. The website of Pdftk has several useful links through which one can download several very useful software. The website also provides several instruction links that would guide an average person to properly install and use it. The Pdftk is very important and very useful software and it absolutely hassle free.

It currently runs on several computer configurations namely Linux, Windows, Solaris, FreeBSD and also on Mac OS X. Some of the users can download several precompiled binaries while there are others who need to download the code of source and will have to compile and build up the Pdftk after properly using gcj, gcc and also libgcj. This software is also pretty useful when it concerns the command prompts for the Windows.

Then there is an application that is also pretty helpful and is called the PDFTK Builder. This is a standalone program and can be carried around in an USB Driver. This application also has several functions like it can rearrange or delete pages; split up single PDF files into multiple ones, protects the password of a certain PDF file and also disables the function of printing. The collate tab is widely known to be the most extensive function of the PDFTK Builder. It merges a couple of PDF files after taking the contents of the doc2.pdf and appends it successfully to the doc1.pdf. The Split tab helps you to break up one PDF file into several single documents. The background or stamp tab can be utilized to add a particular watermark or a background. A person can also rotate the PDF pages to his or her liking.

You always have the option of making the output file protected by a password. You also have the option of disabling the copying of documents and also prevent the printing if you feel like. Thus as we can see, that the Pdftk is a really useful application that can be used by almost anyone who knows a thing or two about computer software. This application is something that enhances your workings regarding Pdf and lets you have the maximum output out of them. This user friendly application should be used in the right procedure so as to enjoy the right outputs and get all the desired results.

[ Download PDFtk ]

How To Reveal/Recover Lost Password Behind Asterisks

Programs like Microsoft Outlook, VNC and Cute FTP show the passwords you type in the password box as asterix. The passwords are stored behind the asterix. Asterix logger is a software program that is designed to reveal passwords hidden behind the asterix.

Password revelation, information about the revealed password like revealed time, application for which asterix password was exposed and the application’s executable file are displayed automatically without clicking buttons. This software is compatible with Windows 9x, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows XP.


Normally you have to just copy the executable to a desired folder and run it for using Asterix logger. Windows NT requires an installation procedure. In Windows NT to make the asterix logger display revealed password details besides uncovering the password you should download the ‘psapi.dll’ and place it in your system32 directory.

Besides revealing the password behind the asterix and exposed password detail this software also allows you to save the passwords to HTML file and 4 types of text files. It also traces changes in the password and updates its password list with a new record containing the modified password. This feature can be accessed through the Log changes in password option of the software. It proves useful in CuteFTP program wherein it can be used to find and store passwords of all FTP items.

Asterix logger also allows adding of modified passwords to its password list even if it is identical to prior passwords of the same password box. This attribute can be activated by checking the log duplicate password option as well as Log changes in password option of Asterix Logger.

A minor known inadequacy of Asterix Logger is that it will not work in programs like Netscape 6.x, Dialup and network passwords in Windows 2000 and Windows NT/2000/XP user management tools where passwords are not stored behind the asterix for security reasons.

[ Download Asterisk Logger ]