CAT 2010 Results Leaked On Website; Prometric Issues Statement

Looks like the results of CAT 2010, one of the world’s most competitive exams that lead to the admission in to the Indian Institutes of Management, have been leaked.   The results were supposed to be declared on Jan 12, 2011. Initially these were supposed to be rumours, but not after a MBA related website published the leak on their website.

And, now even Twitter is buzz with the leak of the CAT results. At the time of writing this, the official website of CAT – was still unavailable. However the leaked results page is still visible in Google cache. Prometric, the agency that is responsible for conducting CAT exam has issued a statement saying that it has been investigating reports that IIM’s CAT web site has been displaying warning messages on certain browsers. A malware was discovered and removed

They also said that if users are unable to access the official website – then they could visit the alternative website at The agency has also confirmed that candidate information on the website is protected with enterprise-class security and is completely segregated from the website.

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Intel To Deploy It’s Netbook App Marketplace Through Croma Retail

Intel launched a service called the AppUp Center for Intel Atom based netbook users so that they can browse a catalog of applications for purchase or download on their netbooks or other computing devices. Now in order to push the AppUp Center to users in India, Intel has signed a deal with Croma Retail stores. This app store will be termed as “Croma Apps” and a corresponding application (that lets users browse the AppUp Center) will be pre-installed on Intel Atom based netbooks which will be sold by Croma.

The Croma App Store currently has more than 1000 free and paid applications for a wide range of verticals such as entertainment, social networking, gaming and productivity. The Croma App store is currently supported only on Windows based netbooks. Existing Intel Atom netbook users can also download these applications by visiting Croma’s website and downloading the Croma Apps client.

Users can download the Croma Apps client from this link:

India Accounts For 30% Of Yahoo’s Global Ventures

Yahoo!’s India base has been expanding big time over the past few months and it now accounts for a major contribution to Yahoo!’s global ventures. Almost 30 per cent of Yahoo!’s intellectual property development around the world now comes from it’s Bangalore research center. This share was a modest 12 per cent few years ago. Among other development centers of Yahoo!, USA accounts for close to 60 per cent and the rest 10 per cent comes from Yahoo!’s other centers across the globe.

According to Mr. Shouvick Mukherjee, chief executive and vice president of Yahoo India R&D Yahoo India’s share of intellectual property grew rapidly as the Bangalore dev center got deeply involved to take end to end responsibility of number of global as well as regional products making Yahoo India R&D the second largest centre globally. Another reason is the fact that more than 50% of Yahoo’s users are outside USA and more focus was required on the growth of theses markets in its research and product development efforts.

Two of Yahoo!’s best products – Predict and Helion have been developed at the Yahoo! India development center. Predict is an advertisement exchange that predicts which ad will get what level of click thus improving the return on investment for advertisers. The second product Helion facilitated the launch of multiple sites in parallel. Yahoo! has rolled out major lifestyle based portals using Helion.

The State Of “Indian Shoppers & The Web” – Microsoft Study

Microsoft Advertising & Aegis Media recently conducted a study about how Indians are using the web to supplement their shopping decisions – both on the web and at shops nearby. The study clearly reveals that it is no longer enough to capture consumers only by traditional advertising and companies should start looking at online brand building to sustain their growth.

The study is a part of a global initiative that polled 19,000 shoppers across 17 world markets and considered both in-store and online shoppers in sectors like groceries, apparel, home electronics and fast food.

Here are some key findings from the study:

  • 75 per cent of Indian shoppers use online services to compare prices at local stores and also use the web to find out good restaurants nearby.
  • 66 per cent of shoppers in India use the internet to locate products and brands nearby.
  • 39 per cent of Indian shoppers look for promotions and discounts, deals for their favorite brands while browsing the Internet.
  • Coming to e-commerce, 50 per cent of the Indian shoppers actually make online purchases using their computers.
  • Coming to mobile e-commerce, 31 per cent Indian shoppers make purchases using mobile phones.

Image Courtesy Plans To Teach Science & Maths To Students Via Cricket!

Once in a while comes a revolutionary start-up that creates engaging products for users and changes lives of many for ever. One such start-up based out of India is Edustrokes. Most of the Indians, right from birth are die hard cricket fans. Children even stop studying in order to catch a live cricket match on the Television. And this is what Edustrokes has made into a platform for educating students on Maths and science. is founded by India’s leading cricketer and former Captain Kris Srikanth. While launching the website, he said that any Indian student will understand his/her subject better if it is taught through cricket – the language India understands best! He also gave an example during the launch:

Don’t you think if I say acceleration is nothing but a bowler’s final speed (V) — his initial speed (U) divided by the time he has taken to run between the two points (T) — a IX standard boy would understand the concept better”

Currently has three courses for students right from class IV class X. Each course has been divided into 30 modules of maths and science. The content of the modules are updated according to latest curriculum and have relevant sessions, homework and assignments. The website also has provision for an interactive audio-visual session.

Along with, Kris Srikanth also launched another website called which is dedicated to cricket coaching online. The course here has 30 modules covering batting, bowling, fielding and fitness and training. Online face-to-face coaching is also available from Srikkanth himself and several other National Cricket Academy-certified coaches.

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Govt. Agrees To RIM’s Cloud Based Monitoring For BlackBerry

After months of persuasion and talks between esteemed officials of the Indian Govt. and the BlackBerry makers, RIM – the Govt. is now satisfied with the solution which RIM has proposed to monitor BlackBerry services by the Govt. However, RIM is still not setting up a server in India, instead they are offering a cloud based solution. But this cloud based monitoring solution is only for BlackBerry messenger, and RIM has not yet told anything about monitoring the corporate e-mail services.

As per the current agreement reached between RIM and the Govt., RIM’s infrastructure is all set to ready to receive and process lawfully intercepted BlackBerry messenger data via the cloud computing-based system, from Indian service providers. However the system is not yet real-time. This solution comes well within the deadline time of December 2010, which was set by the Indian Govt.

RIM has already allowed the security agencies to monitor voice calls, SMS, chat conversation but the Govt. wanted same access to the corporate BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry e-mails. Earlier, Nokia had setup a server in India to let the Govt. agencies monitor data generated from Nokia devices. Not only this, a Rajasthan based company has already launched BharatBerryto counter BlackBerry services in India.

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PhokatCall: Ad-Based, Free Mobile Calling Service – Will It Click?

How often it has happened that you could not make that one very important call because you did not have enough balance in your prepaid cellular phone’s account. Well, PhokatCall plans to change all that. Ahmedabad based Aryan Global Networks has come up with an innovative free calling service from mobile phones, which can come handy during emergencies.

Okay, so now you will ask, how can the service be totally free? So here is the catch – In order to be able to make free calls you will have to listen to a 30-40 seconds audio advertisements on your mobile phone after which you will get connected to your desired number. The call duration is limited and will be available to the users for a stipulated amount of time on a daily basis.

Whereas on one hand PhokatCall can prove to be a boon for advertisers, given the fact that the Indian Govt. is planning to make massive changes to the way tele-marketing in the favour of consumers, while on the other hand, consumers may not be very interested in the service given the ever decreasing tariffs in India, today. Not only this, cellular service providers are nowadays providing online prepaid recharge facilities which will help consumers to recharge their pre-paid account right from the comfort of their homes.

PhokatCall is really an innovative concept and has value on investment for advertisers but only time will tell if this free mobile calling service actually picks up among users.

10 Over-used Phrases On Indian LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn has become one of the most widely used job hunting websites in India thanks to the social angle which the Website has. And LinkedIn has done no mistake in recognizing India as one of their high potential business bases. Recently we told you about a LinkedIn Closed Group feature which was made available to all Indian companies irrespective of their sizes.

LinkedIn’s data analysis group has released a set of most commonly used keywords by LinkedIn’s Indian users on their professional profiles on the website. Here is the list of the words:

  • Dynamic
  • Innovative
  • Extensive Experience
  • Team Player
  • Motivated
  • Proactive
  • Proven Track Record
  • Value Add
  • Skill Set
  • Out-of-the-box

Here are a few tips by Lindsey Pollak, who is a career and workplace expert, regarding how to make your LinkedIn profiles more effective and attractive for potential employers:

  • You should stay away from including phrases like “extensive experience” and “proven track record” on your LinkedIn profile. These phrases might turn-off a potential employer and might prove to be harmful for your profile.
  • It is recommended that if you are using any one of the 10 phrase that we have told you about, just remove them from your LinkedIn profile.
  • You should highlight more important points in your career profile like the number of years experience you may have or the amount of value addition you may have provided to your company’s services.

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India To See 26% Growth In Online Ad Market

As more and more Indians are getting on the internet, the web is becoming a high potential property for businesses to showcase themselves to users. According to a survey conducted by IAMAI, the online advertising market in India (including both text and display ads) is expected to grow by 26% to Rs 993 crore in the upcoming financial year.

Here are some charts that show the online ad spending according to various sectors. While, banking and financial services lead text ad spending (24 per cent of the total text ad spend), the travel sector leads the display ad spend accounting to 14 per cent share.

Another interesting thing to note in the survey was that the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industry spends more on display ads than text ads. The display ad and the text ads spends for the FMCG industry stood at Rs 26 crore and Rs 13 crore respectively.

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10 Most Popular Brands In India (Via Google Zeitgeist 2010)

Each year Google releases a “Year in review” called Google Zeitgeist with the help of which it showcases some wonderful data through the aggregation of millions of search queries that the search engine receives every year. This year, Google Zeitgeist for India had some nice revelations with the IRCTC (railway ticket booking) continuing to top the charts of the year-on-year fastest rising bracket for search queries in India.

The top three most popular searches among Indians on the web during the year 2010 were Songs, Facebook and Google. Amongst the fastest rising people, Indians searched for British actress Aruna Shields and this year’s new Bollywood sensation, Sonakshi Sinha and other favorites from Bollywood like Zarine Khan, Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan.

The zeitgeist also has a list of top 10 popular brands in India in terms of the search volumes generated by Indians on Google search. Here is the list:

Micromax Mobiles
Micromax Mobile ranks 4th among the top 10 popular brands in India during 2010

10 Most popular brands in India

1. Nokia

2. Samsung

3. Airtel

4. Micromax

5. Dell

6. Maruti

7. Vodafone

8. Apple

9. Sony Ericsson

10. HP (Hewlett Packard)

It is really nice to see a relatively new Indian brand Micromax making it to the top 10 in the list and that too it being the 4th most popular brand in India among the big guns!