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Is a science geek, currently pursuing some sort of a degree (called a PhD) in Physics at TIFR, Mumbai. An enthusiastic but useless amateur photographer, his most favourite activity is simply lazing around. He is interested in all things interesting and scientific.

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The Scientific Method: What It Actually Is

Science is a model of reality, not reality itself. It tries to approximate reality as closely as possible. However, ‘If it disagrees with experiment, it is wrong’.

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types of telescopes

The problem is that the eye is just too small. The opening of the eye – the pupil – is just too small, about one-eighths of an inch across. Very little light gets through and, thus, dim cosmic objects are invisible to the naked eye. For progress, we needed bigger apertures and that is how the telescope was born.

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Doppler Effect

One of the coolest things in physics is used as a common tool to make things really cold. Lasers are used to cool a bunch of atoms to extremely low temperatures, temperatures in the micro-Kelvin range. Extremely successful, laser cooling is surely one of the hottest topics in Physics.

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Sources of background radiation

Many people have been scared stiff by the possibility of an explosion at the Japanese nuclear reactor. They believe that serious fallout will affect life as we know it. No, the situation is not that grim.

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tectonic plates

There is simple science behind the quake that shook Japan recently and those that have occurred throughout Earth’s history.

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