Swype breaks fastest Text Message World Record, heads to Guinness Book

Swype is an award winning and hyped keyboard for Android. It has a steep learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it is an awesome keyboard and can increase your typing speed considerably. Soon after its launch, Swype turned some heads with its typing capabilities and an intern at Swype earned the Guinness book record for fastest text message ever.

Recently, the record was broken, this time by a woman in Britain who was using Swype as well. She is now the new Guinness world record holder and the best part is that the woman was invited into a Motorola roadshow and asked to try out the Swype keyboard on the Samsung Galaxy S.

The woman was able to key in the phrase “the razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human” in just 25.94 seconds. The last record was held on the Samsung Omnia II at around 35 second for the same phrase.

Here is a video of Swype keyboard for Android. If you cannot see the video on this page, head over to this YouTube page.


Hackers from Pakistan Hack into Indian Telecom Giant BSNL Official Website

India took a big blow today as a group of hackers from Pakistan hacked into the official website of BSNL. BSNL is the largest telecom provider in India and this hack has been carried out by a group that likes to call itself the “Urdu Hackers”.

The attackers have claimed that they have been able to download private data from the website database as well. This has compromised BSNL users and has compromised the government as well as BSNL is also the government’s official telecom provider.

The video can be seen here:

Follow this link if your video does not appear.


Ubuntu Running on Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S is still on the list of best Android phones and it keeps getting better with all the love and care developers, hackers and modders are showing it. Recently, an XDA member Armin Coralici was successful in installing Ubuntu on the Galaxy S.

There is a considerable speed lag with Ubuntu but it works perfectly well. The installation was made by creating a chroot environment for ARM. This is probably because chroot is available only for the x86 and x64 architectures. The version of Ubuntu used here is a stripped down version and here is a video of Ubutu running on Galaxy S.

Cannot see the video? Follow this link to YouTube.


Demon ISP in UK wants to Prioritize Gaming Traffic

Demon is a popular ISP in the UK and has recently released a broadband plan that prioritizes gaming. The most important requirement for gamers is a low latency with the server and less congestion. The latest broadband plan from Demon ISP is exclusively planning to serve these two requirements and is an attractive plan for all games at the same time.

However, this plan will prioritize part of the traffic for gamers, which raises some considerable Net Neutrality issues. To this, Demon says that it has allowed this usage seeing that most of the Demon network is active in the morning during business hours and it is allowing this usage only in the evening.

Apart from this, the specs of the connection is advertised as low latency and ping time, 24 hours UK based support with 20 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speed. The only limit is a 100 GB upper cap on usage between 8 AM and 11 PM. In whole, the gamer pack costs £23 a month.

Warner has taken this decision after taking a survey of many gamers who complaint that those nearer to the exchange got an unfair advantage in the game due to their broadband and connection speed. Hence, this is a deciding factor in a game.

It is good to see that an ISP cares so much for specifications in the UK whereas in countries like India, broadband is still selling under highly shady details with unmentioned upper caps on usage and poor connection using shared networks.


Cameron Diaz is the Sweet Spot in Malware Baits

Cameron Diaz is the top favorite celebrity on the Internet when it comes to malware. Security company McAfee recently conducted a study in which, Cameron Diaz turned out to be the name associated with malware at large. It is a hot favorite for attracting traffic and the success rate, as projected by McAfee is a whooping one in ten when considering search results.

The search result was tested for the term “Cameron Diaz and screensavers”. McAfee researched the results returned for the names of celebrities, politicians and numerous other famous personalities. The data was estimated by comparing stats from McAfee SiteAdvisor against a search term.

SiteAdvisor provides content advice for websites like presence of malware. The earlier record was held by Jessica Biel who dropped to third place this year. Julia Roberts took second place while Brad Pitt, at 10th position was the first man. As evident from this, men are more  susceptible  to getting affected by malware.

The news of  McAfee being acquired by Intel gained pace recently and you can get more on it from this earlier coverage. With this acquisition, Intel is not only acquiring a security firm but also a huge data powerhouse in the form of the SiteAdvisor. Let us see what Intel cooks up with McAfee.


Google Chrome 7 Development Release available for Download

Google Chrome is a fast moving name in the web browser world now. It is undoubtedly the best web browser around and with the Google backing; it has made a reputed position for itself. The development cycle has undergone a considerable change and Chrome has attracted bug fix bounty hunters just like Firefox. In short, Google Chrome is on a perfect roadmap.

Keeping up with this, Google Chrome has moved to the next version with the release of a development version of Google Chrome 7, named 7.0.497.0. A test version of this is available already and the dev channel version is scheduled to arrive this week.

The settings and the look and feel of version 7 is the same as that of Chrome 6 till now. However, expected features like the support for web applications and the Chrome store are missing as well! They are scheduled to arrive later in September this year.

Google recently fixed ten security bugs in Chrome and spiced up the process with  bounties amounting to a total of ten thousand dollars.

With the chrome web store coming in October and web-application support  coming in September, Chrome has a busy year ahead of itself.

What do you think of the new version of Google Chrome? Try it out and do let us know.


Google gives away $10K in Bounty for finding Chrome Bugs

Web browser manufacturers are taking the cue from Google and offshoring the tedious task of finding critical bugs and vulnerabilities to the users and enthusiasts. This simple yet effective method is called crowdsourcing. To make things hotter, they have included a reward system according to which, the user finding the bug is awarded a handsome sum of money.

Recently, Mozilla Firefox raised the bounty amount to $3000 and Google had to get the better of Mozilla. Therefore, it increased the maximum bounty for Chrome vulnerabilities to $3133.70 last month.

Ten bugs were fixed. However, none of the bug fixes received the top bounty from Google, which amounts at $3133.70. Google only gave away a total valuation of $10K of rewards.

The security update was released for Chrome 5.0.375.125. While one of the bugs allowed revealing passwords or spoofing the address bar content, another bug allowed hacks through malicious files.

As Gregg Keizer at Computerworld says,

Sergey Glazunov banked $4,674 for reporting four bugs, including the previous maximum $1,337 each for two of the quartet. A researcher known as “kuzzcc,” who has also reported flaws in Opera to that  browser‘s Norwegian maker, took home $2,000 for uncovering a pair of Chrome vulnerabilities.

This is a record update from Google, as it has never given away such a huge amount in overall bounties at the same time. Get Google Chrome version 5.0.375.125 and other versions from here.


Android Completes Five years at Google, threatens the iPhone, earns an IP infringement Lawsuit and keeps getting Better!

Five years ago, around this time, Google acquired the Android OS as a part of the acquisition of Android Inc. Just 22 months old at that time, who knew that today, Google Android will be a renowned name in the mobile world!


The development and growth of Android was extremely secretive and there was not much word about it. The only  fact known to Businessinsider was that it was an operating system for cellphones. Google too was not very open about the acquisition and stated that,

We acquired Android because of the talented engineers and great technology. We’re thrilled to have them here.

Today, we know all that Google had so much more for Android in its mind. Android OS is the fastest growing mobile OS and has the potential to take over every other mobile OS in future. It is available for tablets and for notebooks as well. It has numerous developers who appreciate the openness of the platform and the development process. It has an equally good variant Cyanogen Mod, which releases coordinated with Android releases.

In short, Android has developed a successful community around itself. This strong circle is just what a product needs to survive and grow forever.

uTorrent promises to appear on Linux Soon

Transmission, QBittorent and Deluge are the only working torrent clients for Linux with a proper GUI. They have been developed extremely slowly and have failed to become a hot choice for users. Most people end up using Transmission because there is not much of a choice.

utorrentHowever, this is about to change soon. uTorrent developers have announced on their Windows forum that they will release a version for Linux soon that will provide many extra features over Transmission.

However, many users still prefer Transmission and are skeptic about uTorrent as clearly seen in the comments received on this post at  OMG!UBUNTU. However, some uTorrent enthusiasts are already using it on Wine.

Now, uTorrent is the cleanest client on Windows. It has no adware or crapware with it and comes in a small size amounting in a few hundred KBs. Transmission on Linux is the highly acclaimed and lightweight client. They both are close competitors and the developers at uTorrent are well aware of this. Thus, it is expected of them to create an impressive client. No release date has been mentioned yet in any of the discussions.


Why Android App Developers just cannot earn enough!

Android has progressed rapidly and so has the community of app developers. It is still far from the number of iPhone developers or the number of WinMo developers for that sake. However, an eternal concern with app developers is that of earning from app development.

Google Android apps are highly victimized to piracy and Google had announced earlier that it would try to DRM Market apps. However, all this protection and annoyance is too much for developer to take. Starting with, the developer comes up with a unique idea and decides to make his app a paid version. However, the paid app market is available only to a handful of countries. To be precise, it is available only to thirteen countries out of forty-six where Android phones are selling currently. On the other hand, Apple app store has paid market support in ninety countries.

That clearly explains the trend of using pirated apps that is so widespread in case of Android. That is what is fueling the stats. With the market not available in most countries, users have no other choice than installing cracked apps.

Google should seriously reconsider the availability of paid apps in various countries and should include some more countries in the list of paid market. If not combat piracy, that will help Google and us have a better picture of the situation.