CometBird – Mozilla Based Powerful Browser


CometBird is a lightweight, yet powerful browser,   developed using the source codes of Mozilla Firefox, the open source browser. Hence, it comes with all amazing features of Firefox. Moreover, all the Firefox add-ons and extensions are compatible with CometBird.

CometBird has some advance utilities and functionality which make it a fantastic browser. Here are some of the cool features in CometBird:

  • CometBird comes with a pre-installed add-on BitComet Video downloader. Users can download media files (video/audio/flash) from any site with this utility.

Built-in Media Downloader

  • CometBird has an integrated bookmark synchronization tool: CometMarks. It works exactly as the Xmarks and Chrome’s sync feature. Users need to signup for a CometMarks account to use this service. CometMarks also works with Internet Explorer and Firefox. Moreover, users can easily import their bookmarks from Google Bookmarks.
  • All Firefox add-ons, extensions and Personas work smoothly with CometBird.

Firefox add-ons are compatible with CometBird

  • Easy import wizard for importing browser options, cookies, history and favorites from Internet Explorer.
  • CometBird has an integrated note taking tool and translator. Translator uses Google translate’s technology.
  • Undo Close Tabbutton to re-open recently closed tabs, adjacent to Home button on navigation toolbar.
  • Supports AwesomeBar, pop-up blocker, one-click clearing private data, anti-malware and customized security settings etc., similar to Firefox.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Hence, CometBird is a really cool browser. If you love using Firefox, you will also love CometBird. CometBird is the best alternative of Firefox, and you can choose it as your secondary browser.

Techie Buzz Rating : 5/5

Link: CometBird

A Bookmarklet To Check Spelling mistakes, Misused words, And Grammar errors

We have already covered After the Deadline, the online service to check common mistakes in your writing. After the Deadline was recently acquired by Automattic, the company behind WordPress.

Now, After the Deadline has provided a bookmarklet which can easily check spelling mistakes, misused words, redundant phrases and grammar errors.

How to use After the Deadline Bookmarklet?

Drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar from this page. As bookmarklets are the easiest extension to browser, you don’t need to do any special effort to use it. Whenever you need to check your writing, click the bookmarklet and it will load the After the Deadline checking button above every textbox on the web page. Click this button to check the errors.

After the Dealine Bookmarklet

Unfortunately, the bookmarklet does not work   with Chrome browser. :( Also, it works only with textareas.

QuickSearch Is A Multi-Search Engine Extension For Google Chrome

Firefox users are blessed with some really awesome add-ons, while extensions for Google Chrome browser are still in the developing phase. Chrome extension developers are working hard and some great extensions are on the way.

Performing search using only the default search engine does not give satisfactory results every time, and to get more refined results we have to use many search engines for different kinds of content and websites. In Firefox, there are several utilities for this purpose! In Google Chrome browser, a new extension named QuickSearch brings the ability to perform searches on different sites quickly.

QuickSearch Extension For Google Chrome


Features of QuickSearch are:

  • It’s button sits on the toolbar which loads a search box on clicking.
  • You can select any search engine / site by clicking its icon.
  • Many popular search engines and sites are provided by default.
  • Users can modify any available search engine to customize results according to their need.
  • You can also add new search engines and services easily.
  • Result pages are loaded into a new tab.

Though Chrome supports keyword based multi-search engine capabilities (Options > Basics > Default search> Manage) which enable users to search on different sites right from the omnibar, still, I would prefer this simple extension.

Install QuickSearch (Google Chrome extension)

Relive Netscape Navigator

Today we have many good browsers, but just remember old days when we had only few options and Netscape Navigator was the hottest one. Netscape Navigator was the first successful alternative to Internet Explorer, and had set many standards. Unfortunately, the Navigator had to die and thus a leading browser ended.

If you love Netscape Navigator and want to relive it, you have a chance now. Before proceeding, let me introduce you a very innovative add-on for Firefox: Rebrand. As the name suggests, Rebrand rebrands Firefox. You can change the brand name of Mozilla Firefox just by following a simple wizard and create a browser with a name (and logo) of your own choice.

How To Use The Rebrand Add-on For Firefox?

Install the add-on, restart the browser and launch Rebrand wizard from Tools menu. Now, provide details like the new name, logos etc and it will create a xpi file which can be installed as regular Firefox add-ons to rebrand Firefox. You can distribute this rebrand package with your friends too. Though, this add-on is only for fun purposes as actual rebranding and public distribution violates Mozilla’s trademark policies.

Relive Navigator

Customize Firefox - Relive Netscape Navigator

Developer Michael Kaply has created a rebrand package for Netscape Navigator. To try this, install this add-on for Firefox and it will rebrand Firefox to Navigator. Awesome!

You won’t miss any setting or add-on after installing it, as it changes only display name and logos. To revert back just uninstall the add-on.