Zen Mobile`s QWERTY Z66 at Rs. 2999

Zen Mobiles has launched yet another dual SIM phone-Z66. It has a QWERTY keypad and supports two GSM SIM cards simultaneously. Zen has already launched Z77 and Z90 few days back. It seems that Zen is targeting QWERTY keypad lovers. The price of Zen`s latest offering is also nominal- Rs 2999.

Talking about Z66, Mr. Deepesh Gupta, MD, Zen Mobile said,

popularity of QWERTY phones is fast catching up which can be judged by the fact that sales of these phones have grown 150 percent in the past one year. Our recently launched handsets Z77 and Z90 have been received well by our customers and we are confident that Z 66 will garner similar response. Zen mobiles aim to cater to the needs of the tech-savy Indian mobile users at an affordable price. Loaded with attractive features, the Z 66 comes at an affordable price range without compromising on quality.

Zen Z66 Specifications
• 2.2-inch display
• Dimensions: 111.5 x 60 x 13.3mm
• Weight: 90 gms
• 1100 mAh Li-Ion Battery with USB Charging
• Dual SIM
• 3.5 mm Audio Jack
• Motion Sensor
• VGA Camera, Bluetooth, Wireless FM Radio
• Java enabled
• External Memory expandable upto 4 GB
• MSN Messenger and Opera mini browser

Tata Indicom Introduces Prepaid Plan for BlackBerry Users


Tata Indicom has announced the launch of weekly-prepaid plans for Blackberry users. It has introduced two amazing service plans -Blackberry Messaging Bundle and BlackBerry Internet Bundle.

Blackberry Messaging bundle is available at a monthly package of Rs 299 and weekly package of Rs 85.On the other hand, BlackBerry Internet Bundle is slightly costlier. It is available at a monthly package of Rs 900 and weekly package of Rs 85.

Services Available Under BlackBerry Messaging Bundle service plan

  • Users are provided with unlimited access to e-mail and instant messaging. Thus, allowing customers to access at most ten email accounts on Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Google Mail and chat on popular messengers like Google Talk , Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger.
  • Various formats like doc, ppt, xls, pdf, txt, zip, jpg, bmp, png, gif and tiff are supported.

Services Available under BlackBerry Internet Bundle plan

  • Users are provided with unlimited access to web browsing in addition to unlimited instant messaging and access to at most 10 POP3 email accounts.

These plans are applicable on all BlackBerry smartphones from Tata Indicom.

Nokia launches Ovi Music Unlimited in India


Nokia has announced its new Ovi Music Unlimited. It’s Nokia`s latest music service which has rebranded its predecessor, Comes With Music service. The launch of Ovi Music Unlimited also brought about a change in the name of Nokia Music Store’ to Ovi Music Store.

Even though the services seem to have been launched, the “Ovi Music Unlimited mobiles and prices” link points to Nokia Malaysia’s website, which indicates that the services are not fully accessible in India. I hope that it will not take much time to come to Indians.

Ovi Music Unlimited allows buyers of Ovi Music Unlimited phones to download just about any number of songs for a period of 12 months(probable duration). The songs can be any type starting from Bollywood hits, Indian classical to international numbers. However, Ovi Music Unlimited membership is not being sold separately- you need to have a compatible handset to subscribe to Ovi Music Unlimited.

Some of the handsets where Ovi Music Unlimited is compatible include Nokia N97, N97 Mini, Nokia 5530, Nokia 5233, Nokia N86, Nokia E71 and Nokia E72.

Play Computer Games by Blinking your Eyes


Some students from Imperial College London have developed an open source game named Pong. In this game, you have to blink your eyes when you think it is appropriate to hit.

According to the students,

This revolutionary game could allow people with severe physical disabilities to become ‘gamers’ for the first time.

To play the game, the player needs to wear special glasses containing infrared light and webcam. This helps in recording eye movements. The webcam is connected to a computer where synchronization is carried out between player’s eye movement and the game.

According to the team’s supervisor from the Department of Bioengineering ICL,

The game that they’ve developed is quite simple, but we think it has enormous potential, particularly because it doesn’t need lots of expensive equipment… We hope it could ultimately provide entertainment options for people who have very little movement. In future, people might be able to blink to turn pages in an electronic book, or switch on their favorite song, with the roll of an eye

via: newkerala

Apple Says New iPad Orders to Ship after April 12th

Apple`s iPad is one of the most anticipated gadgets of 2010.The craze of iPad seems to have reached heights in last couple of months as Apple reaches closer to its delivery date.
Apple has already sold out its initial supply of iPads, which is going to be delivered on April 3rd. If you make an order now, you will have to wait until April 12th. Apple has only started delivering Wi-Fi enabled iPads. 3G enabled iPads will ship by late April.
People familiar with the iPad’s running sales totals told the Wall Street Journal, Apple has the potential to sell more iPads in its first three months than the 1.2 million iPhones it sold in the three months.

Apple also provided a “Late April” ship date for the iPad Camera Connection kit and started taking pre-orders for the device. It is unavailable to the people who have already ordered it. The iPad Camera Connection Kit enables you to import pictures and videos in two ways: using a camera’s USB cable or directly from an SD card.

Via: Appleinsider

Flip MinoHD Available in UK from 8th April

Flip MinoHD is all set to launch in the UK, months after its release in the US. MinoHD is the world’s smallest HD camcorder. Its slim and sleek design makes it possible to carry around with you, in your pockets.
Built-in FlipShare software, MinoHD lets you save and organize your videos make custom movies and perform editing.
The latest Flip MinoHD is privileged with following features:
• 2-inch colour screen
• 2x digital zoom
• Video recording performed at a resolution of 1280×720 pixel
• 8GB Memory
• Holds 120 minute of HD quality video
• HDMI port available
• Supports uploading to sites like YouTube and MYSpace

MinoHD is actually comparable to HTC`s EVO 4G which can record at HD ready resolutions and has a HDMI port as well.You can find Flip MinoHD to be available in UK Stores from 8th of April for £180.
Via: Iproportal

Tetris Good for Brain: Helps Decrease Post-Trauma Stress

Here is a good news for all the traumatic patients. Their stress can be reduced to quite an extent by playing computer games like Tetris. Researchers at Oxford University found out that the patients engaging themselves in Tetris are less likely to have flashbacks of traumatic events.
The research was performed in the Department of Psychiatry at Oxford University, headed by Dr Emily Holmes.
He performed experiment with 40 new patients. 20 of them were allowed to play Tetris while the other half did practically nothing. It was observed that the person who played the game had fewer flashbacks than the left out person in next few days.
According to the doctor, It takes around 6 hours after a traumatic event for a memory to be fully formed and disrupting the formation of those negative thoughts could help the patients. Disrupting those functions by diverting the brain’s attention in this crucial six-hour window seems to dampen down the vividness of memory.
The Oxford team chose “Tetris” because it involves moving coloured objects around and requires a lot of presence of mind.
Via: Itproportal

Videocon Launches Exciting Three Offers In Tamilnadu

After successfully launching GSM Services in Tamil Nadu, Videocon Mobile Services announces the launch of three more First Recharge Options (FRC) priced Rs 61, Rs149 and Rs399 apart from Special Tariff Vouchers (STV) of denominations Rs 28, Rs 148 and Rs 395.
• FRC Rs61 will provide Local and STD at just 1p/sec for a period of 365 days with Rs 61 as Talk-time
• FRC Rs149 will provide 30 min of Local Off-net +30 min of Local On-net calling per day with no talk-time and the tariff validity is 30 days
• FRC Rs399 will provide Unlimited Local Usage and tariff validity will be for 30 days.
• STV Rs28 provides Local and STD at just 1p/sec for a period of 365 days with Rs 25 as Talk-time.
To enjoy the lifetime benefit customer has to do recharge of at least Rs.200 in every six months.

iPad’s Game List Leaked

PadGadget has spotted some of the iPad games on Apple.com’s iTunes Preview, a Website-based catalog of iTunes store content.

According to PadGadget

We did a quick scan and were able to find several titles clearly marked as HD, a common label developers are now using to indicate an iPad specific version of their app.

HD, however is not a universal title for iPad apps.

Some developers are instead choosing XLto denote their iPad version. This is done to create a universal build so that both the iPhone and iPad versions are contained in a single app.

Some of the games found by Padgadget include :

• Azkend HD

• Flight Control HD

• Grind HD

• HD Recovery

• Labyrinth 2 HD

• NBA Hotshot HD

• Numba HD

• Plants vs. Zombie HD

• Sparkle HD

• Worms HD

• Ammoin HD

Apple has recently started accepting submissions for iPad applications. These applications will be checked and approved by March 27.If approved you might just see the app to be available when the iPad goes on sale on April 3.

Via: Blackweb20

Nokia Purchases Novarra To Boost Mobile Internet Browsing

Nokia Corp, the world’s largest cell phone maker, has purchased Novarra, a Chicago based mobile browser company.
Novarra Technology will be used on Nokia smartphones by the end of the year to ease mobile internet browsing.

The Novarra Vision Browser will have support for

  • Flash
  • full HTML with complex JavaScript
  • AJAX
  • RSS
  • Widgets

Apart from this, it also includes a “fit to screen” layout, zooming, scrolling, password management, and autofill.

Novarra also claims to be much faster in rendering very complex Web pages, as it does not make use of webkit rendering engine, which is usually used by quality smartphone platforms including Android.
The company has made a detailed video explaining all of the above points quite clearly. Be sure to have a look at this video.