6 Famous April Fool Pranks From Companies Other Than Google, Apple Or Yahoo

Ahh… April 1st, 2011 has just passed by and we are here with another list of April fool pranks by companies who are not so famous but pranked some very creative jokes towards their customers and users.

This is one day of the year when you should trust your senses and reasoning more than your eyes or ears, applicable for both online and offline worlds. While we have already covered April fool pranks by Google and April fool screensavers , the following list is all about creative April fool pranks by companies which do not appear in the limelight.

1. New Age Gadgets

Internet retailer Iwoot.com advertised several “high-tech” products, such as wireless “Ear” Phones, a RoboGirlfriend, “Memory Stick” and a Blue Tooth Brush.



2. Whistling Carrot

Okay this one is a little old (2002) and outdated but certainly a good one.

The British supermarket chain Tesco published an advertisement in The Sun,announcing that the company will soon launch a a genetically modified ‘whistling carrot. An advertisement was aired explaining that the carrots were specially engineeredand that they would grow with tapered air holes in sides. When you cook these carrots, the airholes will produce a whistling sound



3. Swedish Color Television Classic April Fool Prank

This is yet another classic April fool prank by a Swedish television channel which occurred on April 1 1962. At that time, STV (Sveriges Television) broadcasted in Black and White and was the only Television channel in Sweden.

STV Announced that the channel would soon describe a procedure to view colored images on their black and white television sets, all they have to do is pull a Nylon stocking over the front of the idiot box.


4. Flying Penguins

Other than Google or YouTube, not many companies are known to create video pranks on April Fools day. BBS however, surprised it’s audience by airing a small footage of Flying Penguinsfound in Antartica. Hit the play button below to see the prank in action

5. Relation Shift Automated Person Purge From Kodak

Kodak announced a new app which takes your relationships to a new level. A new tech called Three pronged” approachhelps users remove a person from all their photos and videos in just one touch. Their so called facial recognition software can identify a person throughout their photos or videos. This can be used to hunt down the person whom you dumped last summer and remove him/her from all photos of yours.


6. The Pirate Bay Wins Auction Site Ebay

A new blog post went live at the PirateBay blog announcing the following

We saw that eBay was up for sale on their own site and since we have a long going law suit against them for abuse of our trademark name “pirat(ebay)”, we wanted to be pragmatic and just use our immense profits to buy them.

This will hopefully make us spend less time with the lawsuit.


Do you know any good and  hilarious  April Fool pranks by famous companies ? Shoot your thoughts and links in the comments section below.

Source: Aprilfoolsdayontheweb.com

Ultimate List Of Firefox 4 Tips; Tricks And Hacks You Should Learn Right Now

is definitely one of the best versions of Firefox I have seen over the last couple of years. Firefox is one of the browsers I use since it was launched, but there were a few features and annoyances which needed to be fixed. Some of these were high memory hogging, no easy sync of bookmarks, passwords or browser preferences, no feel of a modern browser, unnecessary UI clutter and so on.

Firefox 4 Tips and Tricks

Thankfully, the Mozilla team has learned that this is the age of cloud computing and have introduced some rich features in Firefox 4. This includes Firefox Sync, Site tagging, Instant search, smart folders, tab groups and more.

Last time we tipped you with a comprehensive list of Internet Explorer 9 tips and tricks. Now here is another featuring Firefox 4 tips, tricks, hacks and more which will help you get a better and flawless Firefox experience.

Download, Installation And Getting Started With Firefox 4

Download Firefox 4

If you haven’t tried the newer Firefox 4 yet, we suggest you download Firefox 4 final version or try the RC download here (our review of Firefox 4). Yesterday, along with the final version of Firefox 4, Mozilla also released the RC version of Firefox for Android and Maemo on the Android Market.

Prerequisites For Installing Firefox 4

It’s always a good idea to first check your system requirements and the prerequisites of a software program before installing it on your operating system. This system requirements page at Mozilla details all the software and hardware requirements required for Firefox 4 to run on Windows, Mac or Linux.

Firefox 4 Installation Guide And Screenshot Tour

If you’re no geek and need step by step instructions for installing Firefox 4 on your computer, the screenshot tour by Howtogeek should be a good start.

GetFlow Is a Superb Project Management App That Will Blow Your Mind

Let’s face it managing work load across different projects becomes impossible if you’re not using any task management or project management utility.

If you’re a full time web worker and work on a lot of different tasks e.g design, development, coding or stuff that involves team work you have to use a project management application which allows easy collaboration, structured output and an ad free uncluttered UI.

Referencing to and fro to different email inboxes, searching for information, attachments, client’s email address, sending the same messages to new members in the team it’s a very complicated cycle which you may want to bring in proper order.

Over the past few years I have seen a good number of web based project management apps but the one I am recently using is GetFlow (join the early beta here).

GetFlow, also known as Flow, is a task management app that’s going to help you organize your entire life. Whether you’re working collaboratively or all on your own, Flow is going to make getting things done a lot easier.

Creating Tasks or Projects Inside GetFlow

Flow lets you quickly create tasks by sending an email to [email protected]. The email subject will become the task title and the body of the email will be added as the description. By default, tasks you email will be added to your inbox but you can also use the web UI or iPhone App to create tasks, assign due dates, tag people and do other important things related to a project.


When you’re done creating the task, it’s added to your feed which consists of real time updates of your activity and involvement with the project. Any other member of the team can switch to your activity feed to know what you were doing, where you’re commenting, what files you have uploaded recently and so on.

Tasks are arranged in hierarchical order with a personview so you never mess up all the tasks in your timeline. Each member gets a new section under Tasksand any member can quickly find out what his colleagues were doing recently.


One of the best things regarding GetFlow is that you forget those long winded email threads. Flow’s real-time comment system eliminates back-and-forth emails, there is no need to clutter up your email inbox with the details and feedback of your project.

Flow’s real time threaded comments makes it just as easy to manage feedback on any activity, task or project your team is busy with.


As it turns out, you never have to search for any feedback or comment left by other team members in your email inbox, since all the information remains archived directly within your Flow account. Another neat feature which is lacking in other task management apps is the ability to Followa discussion.

Let’s say two of your team members are discussing over a design issue which you want to keep an eye on. Simply click the Followbutton next to the discussion thread and you will be notified when a new comment or message is posted or when the task is complete.

GetFlow is completely web based which means you never need to download any software or install any plugin on the client end,  immensely  useful for folks like me who use multiple computers at home or office. Both the web and iPhone apps have offline modes and sync enabled which helps when you’re doing something and the internet connection breaked in the middle.

Flow works great for teams of all sizes – whether you are a garage team of 4 members or a small company of 23, GetFlow works just as fine when it comes to easier project management and real time collaboration.

You can try a 14 day trial of Getflow by signing up here (no credit card required).

Ultimate List Of Tips And Tricks For Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft’s latest browser which was launched on 14th March 2011 has quite a few improvements when compared to it’s previous versions. IE9 has a sleek new interface which is less cluttered and provides rich browsing experience.

IE9 Ultimate List of Tips and Tricks

There are no intrusive toolbars, unnecessary navigation buttons and other eye tiringbuttons or graphical elements. Moreover, Internet Explorer 9 is way faster, has improved performance standards and hardware acceleration support. And yes, Internet Explorer 9 is the latest version of the browser that’s supports HTML5 technology.

We tipped you with a list of tips and tricks for Internet Explorer 8, now here is another comprehensive list of tips and tricks for Internet Explorer 9 which is worth bookmarking. Don’t forget to visit our section to find more such useful and comprehensive lists for different software and browsers.

Note: This list will be regularly updated as we come across new posts.

Download, Installation And Getting Started With IE9

Download Internet Explorer 9

If you haven’t tried the newer Internet Explorer 9 yet, we suggest you download Internet Explorer 9 final version or try the RC download here. There are separate download links for Windows7, Windows Vista and Windows Server, so make sure you download the right setup installer.

You might also want to check out IE9’s brand new website at beautyoftheweb.com


Prerequisites For Installing Internet Explorer 9

When you install Internet Explorer 9, additional prerequisite software and components are also installed. The prerequisites vary, depending on the operating system you use.

Microsoft has put together a support and FAQ page for installation compatibility fixes for Internet Explorer 9, so if you’re having problems installing IE9 on your computer, head over to this support page to learn more about the required software and components required for Internet Explorer 9 installation.

Flickr Frontman And Product Head Matthew Rothenberg Quits Flickr

The last couple of years have been quite eventful for the folks at Yahoo.

First, they locked down Geocities during October 2009, followed by employees being laid off the next year. Shortly came the news that Delicious might just shut down as well, which was then explained as an idea of changing handsand not let the service die on it’s own.

Oh and the company also have a visitor tracking community system or something called MyBlogLog which is also going to shut down in May24 2011.

But wait, there must be something in the middle. Flickr Head of Product Matthew Rothenberg has recently announced that he will be leaving Flickr shortly.

Here is what the tweet reads:

Here goes: after 5 years, I will be stepping away from Flickr. Will miss working with such a talented, hard-working, and hard-drinking team.


As it turns out, Yahoo will lose yet another loyal employee who has been working as product head of Flickr for the last 5 years. This is the third departure in a row in the last couple of years, the earlier resignations were signed by Flickr Co founders Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake in 2008.

Flickr has been under fire for quite some time now. With the growing popularity of other photo sharing and community websites like Facebook, it’s no wonder that Flickr is unable to generate the attentionand continue it’s growth in numbers, interest and popularity. Only last month, the company accidentally deleted thousands of photos of a Zurich based photoblogger, leaving his precious photo collection dead in internet space.

MG Siegler from Techcrunch has an official declaration from Yahoo, which reads:

Matthew Rothenberg has made the personal decision to move on to a new endeavor.   In the interim, Markus Spiering will be stepping in as head of product management. Flickr continues to have an innovative, energetic and creative leadership team that is dedicated to its community of members. Flickr remains a key priority for Yahoo! and we are fully committed to making it the best photo-sharing experience on the Web.

Don’t get busy backing up all your Flickr photos yet – they will remain alive for some time, I guess.

Google To Give Blogger A Modern UI, New Post Editor And Content Discovery Tools

blogger-logoBlogger.com is one of the best platforms for budding bloggers who are new to blogging.

Almost all of my online friends have had a blogger blog at some point of their life. Agree Blogspot does not provide complete control and customizations when compared to WordPress and other blogging platforms, but without doubt it’s one of the easiest ways for non geeks to start a blog in minutes.

The good news for Blogger users is that Google has decided to revamp Blogger’s UI and add new features e.g content discovery and an advanced Post editor amongst others. The upcoming changes at Blogger.com is not visible as of now, Google is showing a sneak peak of it’s new user interface at SFXW and plans to roll out these features in the coming months.

The Newer Dashboard of   Blogger

At first glance, it looks like Blogger has slightly mimicked the user interface of WordPress. The colors and style attributes look quite similar, though the arrangement of different elements is slightly different


The newer dashboard of Blogger is much clean and shows recent blog posts from blogs which you’re following. On the left sidebar, there are links to create a new blog post in any of the blogs you own or contribute at. Google says that the newer design of Blogger.com is powered by Google’s Web toolkit, delivering the latest in web technology. The newer post editor of Blogger has also been polished, as seen in the following screenshot


From the above screenshot, it appears that the functionalities are still the same while only the design has been prettied out. We are yet to see the changes being rolled out but considering the growing influences of other free blogging platforms like Tumblr, Posterous or WordPress.com Blogger must act now and bring something new to the table. Just giving a coating to existing inventory won’t attract the eyeballs.

The content discovery tool appears interesting, it will allow bloggers to find interesting and related content based on the blog you’re currently reading. The following video shows in brief what changes are about to come at Blogger.com

Video link

Google Launches A Person Finder Website For Japanese Earthquake And Tsunami Victims

Earlier this morning, a devastating earthquake hit Japan causing a huge loss of life, property and human resources. The largest earthquake in Japan’s history was followed by a 23 foot gigantic Tsunami which wiped out homes, cars, buildings and every other form of matter near the north eastern coast of Japan.

In this alarmic situation, Google is trying to help. And here is how you can do your bit.

Google has launched a crisis response page where you can get important   information, phone numbers and additional resources related to the 2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami, along with real time news updates. The crisis response page also helps you track the latest news of Japanese earthquakes, find useful maps, train information, blackout information and other web resources related to the 2011 Japanese earthquake and Tsunami disasters.

In addition to the crisis response page, Google has also unveiled a person finder app at japan.person-finder.appspot.comwhich lets you submit information about lost individuals or check whether anyone has any information about someone who was lost after the 2011 earthquake on Japan.


Using the person finder app is fairly simple, you’ve two choices either search for a person or submit information about someone you know. The site has more than 7200 records as of the time of writing this article, so if you are concerned about friends, family members, neighbors or colleagues, head over to the person finder app and submit information if you have any.

I tested the website with some demo names and the results were impressive. To search for a lost or missing person, I typed the name of the person and the site returned a few results from it’s records as shown below


Clicking the names from the results will show more information about the lost person (if available). This may include current location, home address, age   and other details posted by the person who submitted information about the lost individual in Google’s person finder website for Japan. Here is how the final result page looks like


The person finder app is not new, we have earlier seen how Google reacted to the Chile Earthquakes on February 2010. While most of Japan’s communication and broadcasting system is under darkness, the internet is one of the only resources to submit or retrieve information about lost individuals, friends and family members who have been affected due to the massive earthquake and Tsunami disasters.

We request our readers to spread the word about Google’s person finder app for Japan on their social profiles, Twitter account, Facebook account and so on. Someone might have some information which he/she can add to the Google’s person finder website which might be of great help to someone in Japan or elsewhere on the planet.

Finally: Google Let’s You Block Content Farms And Spam Sites On Search Results, Without Any Extension

If you are a regular web surfer, you might have noticed some sites appear on Google search result pages no matter what you’re searching for. These sites (read content farms) have content on every other topic and often times, the experience leads to a really frustrating experience. You keep seeing the same site over and over again and might want to block them permanently so that they never appear on Google search result pages.

Some days back, Google released a Chrome extension which can filter out specific sites from Google search results. Looks like the extension was just a trailer run, Google has finally decided to hammer content farms, aggregators and spam sites with a new weapon personalized block of specific sites on Google search result pages.


From today onwards, you will see a new link like Block all example.com results, just below the search snippet as shown in the above example. Click that little link and you will not see any page of the same site on Google search results in future. Not even on the 100th page of Google SERP’s.

You can lift the domain block on Google search result pages anytime, since the blocked pages will be organized under a new section called blocked pagesat the bottom of SERP’s. Clicking that Blocked sitessection will allow you to manage your list of blocked sites, remove existing entries, manually block another site and so on.


Since your customized block list is saved to your Google account preferences, surfing as any anonymous user will still show the same spam sites as before. On the settings page you can find details about the sites you’ve blocked, block new sites, or unblock sites if you’ve changed your mind.

Of course this is much better than the Personal Blocklist Chrome extension which works only in Google Chrome. The sites which you have blocked will never appear on any of the search result pages, regardless of what browser you’re using and whether you have any extension installed or not.

Google says in the official blog post that they are not considering the domains people block as a signal in ranking but the web spam team will look at the data and cross check whether it would still be useful to show a specific site for particular queries.

This is indeed a clever move by Google at the right moment. I guess Google wants to go the stats wayto find out what majority of users are thinking about particular sites. How many users are blocking this site , what are the queries and phrases users were using before blocking this specific site Google wants to find out these answers through manual inputs by humans, no algorithm this time.

This can mean a lot of things. Hopefully an end to the old SEO saga of content marketers who not only create spam content but also email people asking Hey we will write free content for you in exchange of links

What are the next steps in fighting junk content on search results ? Google isn’t saying but it’s no wonder that the web spam team is slowly tightening their grip on content aggregators and junk sources.

Note: The image used in this article is just an example. Matt writes a highly informative blog, which we love reading.

Join The YouTube Creator Institute Program – Learn Video Production Skills From Industry Experts

vloggingIf a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is probably worth a million.

Video blogging is an emerging way of creating content on the web. In fact, vlogging is going to be the next big thing because some things just can’t be conveyed in text or image. You pick up the camera or sit in front of the webcam, shoot your video and post it on video sharing websites like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion or even to your Facebook account.

But that’s just the fun part of vlogging, often times these casual videos fail to make an impact.

If you want to create stunning videos for whatever content you are creating, you have to learn and master the art of vlogging, which requires in depth knowledge of quite a number of things e.g holding the camera, lights, video processing, preparing the script, distribution and so on. It takes more than the 3MP camera or the attached webcam on your laptop.

This is where YouTube wants to help aspiring vloggers with it’s YouTube for Creators channel, better known as YouTube Creator Institute

What Is YouTube’s Creator Institute ?

The YouTube Creator Institute is a summer crash course in camerawork, storytelling, promotion, and new media skills, taught at the world’s top schools by industry leaders. YouTube has collaborated with world’s leading film and television schools to launch YouTube creator institute, whose sole objective is to help users produce more quality content in the form of videos, screencasts, films etc. It’s an online portal of skilled video gurus, filmmakers, technicians and other experts of video making, who will help all the participants learn the inner secrets of quality video production, applying new tools, building an audience for their videos and how to promote their YouTube channel to a global audience.

The technical sessions will include basic as well as advanced video production techniques, from story telling to cinematography, from screencasts to video projects;   the media curriculum looks really fantastic.

It’s interesting to note that Vimeo also launched their video school with a similar objective, which unfortunately didn’t drew good attention. YouTube says that the new creator institute will help nurture content creators, existing YouTube partners, and the next generation of stellar YouTube talent with the skills they need to thrive online and offline.

Watch the following introductory video to get an idea about YouTube’s mission to help video makers learn the inner skills and techniques of quality video production:

Video link

How to Apply For YouTube’s Creator Institute

To be eligible to enter YouTube’s Creator institute, you must be a citizen of U.S with at least 18 years of age and must have a valid YouTube account. Applications should be accompanied with a 2 minute video displaying creativity, originality, and technical skills of video production. Only the best applicants will be selected, so be sure your video is top notch and meets YouTube’s standards.

Head over to the YouTube creator institute channel or read the complete rules and guidelines here

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Gmail Smart Labels Does Intelligent Classification Of Emails From Forums, Subscriptions And Mass Mailing Lists

Great … not again, this forum has sent me two dozen messages in the last 6 hours since I signed up, I just wonder how many will pile up till next morning

People get a lot of email every single day. And guess what, most of these messages go to Trashwithout any second thought. You use custom labels, filters, priority inbox, nested labels and other ways to organize your Gmail inbox but there are two major problems with Email filtering and categorizing them in proper order.

First, there is no automatic categorization of bulk emails (those which are not junk, of course). The ones you receive from forums, Google Groups, newsletters and other news groups. They land to your inbox and creating a filter or editing existing filters for each and every source is just impossible. The second problem is that you don’t want to mark these notification emails as Spam; instead you need a better way to categorize bulk emails, an autopilot mode is just what saves the day.

The good news is that Gmail has just introduced another neat feature in Gmail Labs called Smart Labels. Smart labels performs an automatic categorization of incoming emails and labels them as either Bulk, Notificationor Forum. There are no settings to tweak, no need to specify the source addresses in your existing filters; all you have to do is activate the feature from Gmail labs and you’re good to go.


smart-labels-filterAs soon as the labs feature is on, you will notice that three new labels have been created and listed on top of your existing Gmail labels. The image on the right is an example of my Gmail inbox.

I must say Smart Labels is quite intelligent, all notification emails e.g messages from Facebook groups, Paypal billing, invoice payments, shipping orders from Checkout sites like TinyDeal goes to the Notificationsfolder. These messages are not spam but they are skipped from the inbox the moment they arrive, saving you precious amount of time.

Messages that have been sent to a large number of people goes to the Bulkfolder. Typical examples are offers, newsletters, subscriptions and of course those so called funnyemails when your colleague thought that embedding 40 pictures of Mickey mouse is really cool.


You can however replace your existing filters with Smart labels or keep both of them, Smart labels doesn’t gets in the way of your current order of categorizing and filtering incoming messages. Should you want to avoid specific emails being smart labelled, edit the required filter from Settings > Filtersand choose a proper category of your choice.

Overall, Smart labels takes the heck out of notifications, payment reminders, subscriptions, newsletters and other formalmessages that arrive your inbox every single day. As I said earlier, there is no setting to tweak and nothing to configure at all, set it On and forget. Do give this a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.