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Surprise yourself with a list of songs from your favorite genre and those that match in frequency. GJay is a smart playlist creator, which will search your collection of songs, gather information about each song, using   – the frequency ‘fingerprint’ methodology and beats per minute, and create a smart playlist of songs that match in frequency and beats.

You can describe and rank your music and assign each song a color. GJay then builds a playlist based on the characteristics you’ve set for each song. You also have option to set the relative importance of various features between songs. GJay will match all the features and build a playlist of songs matching your highest priority.

GJay is still emerging, so do not expect something extraordinary, but it does manage the job pretty efficiently.


To create a playlist:

> Create a list and copy all the songs into it.

> If you’ve set rules then songs below the set rating will be cut-off

> Choose the starting song randomly, either by user or by color.

Follow the instructions step by step as mentioned on GJay’s site :

  • (*) Pick a random subset of the working list. The random subset’s size varies by the user’s randomness parameter; the more random the playlist, the fewer songs in this subset.
  • Sort this subset with a ranking algorithm. The most appropriate song to go next in the list will be first in the list. Each factor is weighted by its user-defined importance. If a factor is marked as maintain, we calculate the difference between a given song and the first song in the playlist; otherwise, the most recently added song to the playlist is used for comparison.
  • Repeat (*) until the playlist is done

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