Access Pandora Music From Your Desktop With OpenPandora

Pandora provides a great way for people to listen to music and discover new artists and albums in the process. Pandora does provide user with a option to listen to music on their desktop through a application, but I came across another interesting application called OpenPandora which has more features than the default application provided.

OpenPandora is an open source freeware windows desktop application that exposes Pandora music discovery service and allows you to play music from your desktop.


In addition to allowing you to play music on your desktop, OpenPandora also allows you to set the currently playing song as the status in MSN Messenger, XFire and Skype Messenger. OpenPandora also integrates with allowing you to send the currently playing song to your account.


OpenPandora Features

  • Hide to tray, show song details in tray icon tooltip.
  • Popup tray notification balloon with full detail and album art .
  • Full control from tray icon – station change, play, pause, skip, like or don’t like.
  • Control with multimedia keyboard (play, pause and skip).
  • Mini Player.
  • Send song details to, Microsoft Messenger, Xfire and Skype.
  • Display lyrics in external browser window.
  • Copy song details to clipboard.
  • Customizable title with song, artist and radio station names.

Download OpenPandora

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