[Giveaway] 3 month subscription of Evernote Premium

Whether you use Evernote or not, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of this popular app. If not Evernote, which note-taking service do you use on your computer, tablet, or smartphone?


Evernote is one of my favourite applications, and is available for all desktop and mobile operating systems, as well as on the Web. I remember I used Evernote extensively while planning my wedding, and that became a case-study on the official Evernote blog.

However, in recent times, I have moved to OneNote, a similar service from Microsoft. While I started with note-taking apps with OneNote 2003, back when I had a Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, I had almost moved to Evernote a couple of years back. But the Windows Store version of Evernote hasn’t been great, and it’s been quite a while, and I’ve had a hard time living with it on my Surface.

While many people use Evermore for just note-taking, several people integrate their expense management, travel itinerary planning, task management, and many other activities into Evernote. Evernote has a rich application ecosystem that help users achieve diverse tasks while integrating into Evernote.

Anyway, I have a few Evernote Premium subscriptions (US$ 5/month) to give away. These codes would upgrade your Evernote account to Premium for three months, and you’ll get smarter searching, more uploads, offline notebooks, and a host of extra features. All you need to do is tell us your favourite note-taking app or interesting scenarios of using apps like these in the comments. We’ll pick a winner after a week, and announce here.

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Abhishek Baxi

Abhishek Baxi is an independent technology columnist for several international publications and a digital consultant. He speaks incessantly on Twitter (@baxiabhishek) and dons the role of Editor-in-Chief here at Techie Buzz.

  • Travis

    I currently use drafts for ios alongside Evernote in order to send text as a reminder in Evernote, or to append to an existing note. It’s great to jot down an idea and have it automatically include a time stamp and add any tags, etc that I want. Great combo and drafts works with many more apps as well!

  • Paras Sabharwal

    I am using Evernote from 2 years starting with blackberry device & desktop version too. I found it a handy note taking app, you can create and manage other tasks like expenses , monthly to dos list and like tags feature is great. My personal favorite is shortcuts feature . I am also using Onenote which is next to Evernote in my opinion and has almost all similar features, one thing I dnt like is that when you open onenote it opens from the first notebook then follows notebook inside it. Also missing the reminder feature which is present in Evernote and very helpful in reminding things.

  • dejjem

    I’m an workflow automation maniac ;) I use Evernote mainly as a kind of brain for things that I want to remember for the long term. For articles that I want to read in the short term I use Pocket (also convenient to just send the page URL from the iPad’s Safari to Pocket). If I want to
    retain the article I sent to pocket for the long-term I send it to Evernote via the pocket interface.

    I’ve set up IFTTT to automatically send all my tagged gmail emails and certain critical
    emails to Evernote in seperate folders/tags as a backup and as convenience search….

    I’ve set up IFTTT to auto create a folder/tag when I save a story on the Newsblur RSS reader.

    I’ve set up “easilydo” which is the best free automation virtual assistant on iphone to automatically back up any new contacts & receipts in seperate folders/tags as a backup and as convenience search….

    Ive uploaded iphone photographed handwritten notes that I took during classes to Evernote and they have been OCRed to perfection, so now I can just search for my handwriting.

    I also clip various websites to Evernote using a variety of Evernote plugins including Evernote Clearly and using an Evernote bookmarklet for unsupported browsers.

    I’m doing all this on the free tier. I also probably forgot some of the things I use it for, as I’ve been using it for years and some old automation I’m sure I forgot to mention…