WSJ: Apple to abandon Google Maps on iOS later this year

A few months ago, it was reported that Apple will drop Google Maps in iOS 6, which would be a major blow to the company. Now, The Wall Street Journal reemphasizes that Apple will indeed abandon Google Maps in iOS later this year. Present and former Apple employees have revealed this to the publication. Apple would instead “release a new mapping app that runs Apple’s own technology,” the report said.

One source also suggested that Apple may show off the new at WWDC 2012 next week in San Francisco, CA. Apple is also reportedly looking to convince third-party application developers to implement its technology into their apps.

WSJ’s report also revealed that Apple planning to ditch Google Maps has been in the works for years, and due to the rapid rise of Android sales, it is believed to have quickened the pace of the company’s plans.

Apple had previously hinted at the change when it went on a buying spree and bought a series of Mapping companies including – Placebase, an online mapping company; C3 Technologies, a mapping company that offers Photorealistic 3D maps; and Poly9, a Canadian 3D mapping startup. In fact, Apple may even make use of C3 Technologies’ 3D maps technology.

Also, earlier this year, it was revealed that Apple wasn’t using Google Maps in iPhoto for iOS, but instead using OpenStreetMap and other services to generate map data.


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