US Judge Says Samsung Tablets Unlikely to Attract Apple’s Customers

Apple vs Samsung

From Apple suing Samsung to Samsung suing Apple, the news just don’t stop coming!  As we known by now, there are many legal disputes going on between Apple and copy-cat Samsung.  Lately, Apple’s been  trying to ban  Samsung’s Galaxy Tab from being sold in Germany and Australia. Just a few days ago, it was reported that  Samsung’s redesign of its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet wasn’t enough to satisfy Apple. Got to love stubborn Apple! Yesterday, it was reported that Apple is trying to ban  sales of certain  Samsung Galaxy  products in the U.S. Unfortunately, the request was denied  District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose.

Now, more details have been revealed regarding the decision. According to a new report from Reuters, the decision was in part on the fact that Samsung’s sales were unlikely to tempt Apple’s customers and instead come at the expense of other Android makers. HA! Why would Apple owners switch to an inferior product in the first place? This reasoning was revealed in public courts documents that were not properly redacted. Reuters reveals that these documents were  edited to block certain details as intended by the court. Sounds fishy.

Koh’s 65 page decision that denied Apple a preliminary injunction against Samsung’s sales of Galaxy devices and tablets in the US included mention of studies by Apple that show that “existing customers are unlikely to switch from iPhones to Samsung devices.”  Once again, why would anyone switch from Apple to an inferior product?  Just goes to show that iPhone owners are receiving the best user experience and don’t care about the “openness” of a device.

Oh boy, the next part is hilarious. The report also revealed that Samsung’s argument against this was that if their devices were banned, Apple would not be able to keep up with the demand for smartphones in the market. Seriously copy-cat Samsung? I guess they forgot they are the ones who make the A5 chips for the iOS devices.  Koh regarded the argument as “dubious.”

Kapow! Apple countered by saying that  Samsung sells very few tablets (no surprise here) and is targeting Samsung due to its violation  of its iPhone and iPad patents. Clearly, Samsung isn’t copying Apple. Just take a look at the picture below.

Samsung copying Apple

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