Twitter Sees 40% of Photos from iOS
By on November 11th, 2011

Android is winning in terms of market share, but that doesn’t mean anything. In fact, iOS is beating Android front, left, right, and center in many other areas. For example, iPhone is bringing in 52% of mobile profits even though iPhone only has a 4% market share. I can go on and on, but that’s not what this article about. Haha, just kidding this is another article about iOS dominating in another area over Android. Today, a new report from Skylines reveals that at 2 out of 5 tweeted photos for Twitter’s own image service come from Apple products.

In fact, Apple’s Photo and Camera apps in iOS 5 already  for 5 percent of all photo uploads to Twitter, making it the seventh largest client on the network. Skylines  analyzed over 24 million Twitter photos posted during the week of Oct. 22, finding that iOS’s 39% share contained of a combination of Twitter’s iPhone app, Instagram, and  iOS 5′s built-in  Photo and Camera apps. The percentage can be much higher, but the blog posts suggest that photos could have also come from apps like TweetDeck and Echofon on iOS.

Twitter iOS pictures


The report also reveals some more interesting facts.  Twitter’s official iPhone app is ranked as having the highest share of photos, with 21 percent, followed by 17 percent coming from Web posts. Instagram on iOS takes the third spot and is followed by Twitter’s BlackBerry app (ummm…people still use them?), with 13 percent and 12 percent respectively. Twitter for Android took 10 percent of the share.  Skylines also discovered that users of various clients and mobile platforms seem to prefer specific services.

Last month, Dick Costolo, Twitter CEO, revealed that the daily signups for Twitter had tripled since the release of iOS 5. He also called Apple as a “corporate mentor” for the startup.

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