T-Mobile to Offer Official Support for Unlocked iPhones

A year ago, T-Mobile revealed that it had over a million iPhones running on its network (probably more now). Not only was it surprising, but also revealed the amount of desperation T-Mobile has to support the iPhone. Currently, the iPhone does not support T-Mobile in the US. In addition, it was also reported that the carrier would officially start selling the micro-SIMs that are compatible with the iPhone.

Today, a reportedly leaked employee memo revealed that T-Mobile will begin to offer official support for subscribers using unlocked versions of Apple’s iPhone on its network. Pretty mind boggling for a phone that nobody wants, isn’t it? The memo was published by T-Mobile blog TmoNews.com. T-Mobile employees will start offering support for the iPhone beginning January 30th.

Leaked T-Mobile iPhone support memo

Earlier this month, T-Mobile CEO Philipp Humm said that the company’s wireless operating frequency was the main reason as to why it doesn’t yet sell the iPhone. Apple’s iPhone is known to help a carrier grow significantly, and carriers have even reported poor customer-sign up rates due to not being able to offer the device. In fact, just a few days ago, Verizon reported that over 55% of the smartphones it activated were iPhones. Then yesterday, AT&T reported that over 80% of the smartphones it activated were iPhones too! Going by just these numbers alone, I can only imagine the amount of hit T-Mobile is taking, but dang, they sure are desperate to offer a phone that’s “losing.”

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