Those weren’t MacBook Air and Mac Pro part numbers, but instead Mac Mini and white MacBook

White MacBook and Mac Mini


Yesterday, a report suggested that the new MacBook Air and Mac Pro part numbers had leaked.  A correction has been made my 9to5Mac, and it seems that these numbers are  for new Mac minis and White MacBooks and not for MacBook Airs and Mac Pros.

The new part numbers are:

MC914LL/A J59, BEST USA – White MacBook
MC936LL/A J40, ULTIMATE USA Mac mini Server
MC815LL/A J40I, BETTER USA Mac mini standard configuration
MC816LL/A J40, BEST USA Faster Mac mini

According to the original report, these were Mac Pro numbers. In addition,  the MacBook Air part numbers in the original report are still considered to be accurate and are believed to be launching soon.  We can assume that the new Mac Mini and white MacBook will adopt the latest Intel processors and Thunderbolt.

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