Apple may get 80% tax break to build new Texas campus

Just late last month, it was reported that the Austin City Council had approved Apple’s $8.6M grant for the new Texas campus. Apple has invested $300 million in Austin, Texas to add 3,600 more workers. Now, Travis Country officials are considering giving Apple an 80 percent tax rebate worth $7.4 million if the company builds the proposed campus in Austin, Texas. This would add two other multi-million dollar government subsidies already being offer to Apple.

Statesman reports that although a formal agreement has yet to be reached, a discussion during a closed session hearing on Tuesday may grant Apple an 80 percent tax incentive for the next 10 years — with the possibility of a five year extension. Pay ranges for new hires are expected to be between $54,000 and $73,500, depending on qualifications and position.

If this deal goes through, Apple will become the second-largest private employer in Austin, behind only Dell. The facility will be built on 38 acres of land with at least one million square feet of office space and will function as a new “Americas Operations center” for the company.


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