Steve Jobs Honored with Special Trustees Grammy Award

Earlier this year, Steve Jobs’s official autobiography was released, and it revealed some interesting tidbits about his career and life. If you haven’t read his biography, I highly suggest checking it out. Yesterday, the man that changed the world was  awarded a Grammy Award.

Steve Jobs

On Wednesday, The Recording Academy announced its 2012 Special Merit Awards lists including the LifeTime Achievement Award, Trustees Award and Technical Grammy Award. The Trustees Award list not only consists of Jobs, but he  was also accompanied by R&B legend Dave Bartholomew and jazz recording engineer Rudy Van Gelder. This award recognized the  “outstanding contributions to the industry in a nonperforming capacity.”

As former CEO and co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs helped create products and technology that transformed the way we consume music, TV, movies, and books. A creative visionary, Jobs’ innovations such as the iPod and its counterpart, the online iTunes store, revolutionized the industry and how music was distributed and purchased. In 2002 Apple Computer Inc. was a recipient of a Technical GRAMMY Award for contributions of outstanding technical significance to the recording field. The company continues to lead the way with new technology and in-demand products such as the iPhone and iPad.

The Recording Academy did not specify why Jobs was nominated for this award, but it is probably because of the way he revolutionized the music industry through iTunes. Digital music distribution, iPod, you name it! A special ceremony honoring the winners of the Trustees Awards, Lifetime Achievement Awards, and Technical Grammy Awards will occur on Saturday, February 11th. Special recognition will also be made during the main Grammy Awards ceremony the following day.


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  • SteveH

    Hard to understand how a portable digital music player (albeit sophisticated) and a relatively generic purchase and player format singlehandedly “revolutionized the music industry.”

    Apple, along with the generic mp3 format, may have transformed the retail aspect of recorded music purchases, but that didn’t “contribute outstanding technical significance to the recording field.”

    Me thinks that The Recording Academy shared a pitcher of Kool Aid on this one.