Steve Jobs Biography is Amazon’s Best Selling Book of 2011

Steve Jobs bio cover

Just last month Steve Jobs’s official biography was released, and it has been a massive hit since then. Data complied in November  revealed that  Walter Isaacson’s book, entitled Steve Jobs,sold a total of 379,000 copies in its first week in America. The biography outsold the next-best selling title,  The Litigatorsby John Grisham, by more than three to one.  In addition to being a top seller in hardcover  at Amazon, it has also been the No. 1 title on the company’s  Kindle platform, and on  Apple’s iBooks.

Today, MacRumors reports that  the biography has moved to the top of Amazon’s list of best sellers in 2011 this week. When “Steve Jobs” first debuted, it quickly rose to #13. By mid-November  the title had risen to #2 on the list, setting the stage for the top spot. This milestone is remarkable considering that the book did not debut until late October.

In addition,  Sony Pictures has  acquired the movie rights  to the authorized biography, and Aaron Sorkin is  “strongly considering”  writing the screenplay for the film. I’m not sure how I feel about a movie on Steve Jobs though.

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