Rumor: Apple to Hold iPad 3 Media Event in Early February

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Well, it is that time of the year again. iPad 3 rumors are all over the place and here comes a new one today! Japanese website Macotakara reports that the unveiling of an iPad 3 along with iOS 5.1 will occur in February. Their source is an Asian supplier and a source in the U.S. Even though the event might happen in early February, the iPad will most likely still launch in early March, similar to the iPad 2 launch last year.

According to asian supplier and a source in United States, Apple seems to prepare to hold Special Event in early February.

Because Chinese factory will be in holiday of New Year, then new product is concidered to be released in early March.

Last year, the iPad 2 was introduced on March 2, and the device was made available just 9 days after on March 11th. Today’s rumor would suggest that Apple might have a longer wait time in between the unveiling of the iPad 3 and its availability date. Hopefully they do this so they can meet demand on launch day. When I waited in line for the iPad 2 launch, I wasn’t able to purchase the exact model I wanted since the demand was high and Apple wasn’t able to keep enough in stock.

The original iPad wasn’t made available until two months after its debut in January 2010, although Apple usually does put longer gaps between introduction and launch for new product categories in order to accommodate the legal approval process without risking leaks of product details.

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