Apple’s OS X Passes Windows Vista in Worldwide Usage

A new report about desktop operating shares from analytics firm Net Applications reveals that Microsoft’s Windows Vista fell in August to 6.15 percent of traced web usage. During the same time period, Apple’s latest operating system, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion increased to 1.34 percent of all tracked web usage.

For the first time ever, Apple’s OS X operating system dethroned Microsoft’s Windows Vista. Also, for the first time, Windows 7 has passed Windows XP to become the world’s largest operating system.

Apple’s most popular Mac continues to be OS X 10.7 Lion. OS X Lion 10.7 represents 2.29 percent of computers tracked on the web. Snow Leopard accounted for 2.23 percent of usage and Leopard accounted for 0.65 percent. The total share of OS X was 6.51 percent, which beat the 6.15 percent held by Windows Vista. In addition, Apple’s OS X 10.4 Tiger, which first launched in April of 2005 represent 0.15% of operating systems seen online.

Apple’s share of devices is of course much higher when the iPhone and iPad are included. Net Applications found that the iPad represented for 3.37 percent of web traffic, while the iPhone was 2.42 percent. The smallest share listed in the report was Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which accounted for 0.04 percent of devices.




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  • correctron

    this should be called microsoft has 90% in worldwide usage. of course you put “apple” just to attract visitors.

  • because f you, thats why

    Big fucking deal, Vista was was released what 4 years ago? And 7 has replaced it, with 8 around the corner. That’s like saying 2011 Bing results are surpassing 2009 Google use…so fucking what? Why is this even an article?

  • WoopDiDoo

    Here, I’ll help you with some new articles to write:
    – OS X 10.7 market share is 36 times bigger than Windows 2000
    – Apples mobile devices is more popular than Windows Vista
    – More people are using an iPod than Windows Phone 7.5
    – Windows 8 fails with just 0,21 % market share. Apple is triumphant with their latest OS having 1,34 % market share.

  • who cares

    That’s so sad for Apple. Can barely beat a shiity 4 year old OS.