Apple Begins Selling $69 OS X Lion USB Thumb Drive

After many rumors and speculation, Apple has finally released its OS X Lion USB thumb drive. Since OS X Lion is only available via the Mac App Store, the thumb drive is intended for users without a broadband connection.

OS X Lion Thumb Drive

9To5Mac reports that the thumb drive is available for purchase via Apple’s online store for $69. Apple had pre-annnouced that they would be making the USB stick available for purchase back in July. The USB stick comes loaded with the OS X Lion installation without any need to download it over the internet.

OS X Lion is available on a USB thumb drive for installation without the need for a broadband Internet connection. Just plug the drive into your USB port and follow the instructions to install. OS X Lion is also available for a lower price as a digital download from the Mac App Store.

For $69,00, the  USB thumb drive costs $39.01 more than the version through the Mac App Store. OS X Lion is still available through the    Mac App Store for $29.99.

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