Apple Online Store Down with New Look

Once in a while, the Apple Store does go offline for updates to introduce new products, but it also goes down for maintenance.

Tonight’s downtime may also be related to maintenance or other non-product related announcements, but what seems to be significant is that the “We’ll be back soon” sticky note that should be quite familiar to long time Apple followers has been changed. The sticky note was used for many years.

Apple Store Sticky NoteEvery time the store would go down, this sticky note would be displayed to visitors for many years. However, tonight Apple has posted a new graphic overlaying a linen background that has been popularized in iOS. It looks fantastic!

Apple Store down graphic

Apple does have several product lines that are due for a refresh soon including the Mac Pro MacBook Pro, but going by the “We’ll be back” graphic change, it may suggest other graphical tweaks to the online store.

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