Safari Reading List Offline

OS X Mountain Lion Adding Offline Safari Reading List Mode and Dictation to Mac

Earlier this week, it was reported that OS X Mountain Lion will introduce automatic app downloads to Macs. This feature was added in the latest developer preview of the operating system. The search for new features continue, and now it is reported that offline reading list mode and iOS-like dictation will be added.

Gear Live briefly gives a description of the offline reading list option, which is an addition to the Safari bookmarking featured that was introduced in OS X Lion. Reading List also syncs saved articles across all devices. The reports note that a warning screen in Safari on OS X Mountain Lion notifies that articles saved to Reading List are available for viewing even when the user’s Mac is not connected to the Internet.

While troubleshooting a home network issue today, I stumbled upon a new feature that Apple is introducing in OS X Mountain Lion. […]

When you aren’t connected to a network and pull up Safari, you get a message that tells you that you aren’t connected to the Internet, but that your “Reading List articles are available for viewing while you are offline.”

Safari Reading List Offline

In addition, 9to5Mac reports that a keyboard shortcut has been listed in the latest developer preview of OS X Mountain Lion, which suggests that built-in dictation capabilities will be added to the Mac.

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