New Glass Panels Arriving at Apple’s Fifth Avenue Store

Last month, it was reported that Apple has been working on a renovating the iconic glass cube surrounding the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in Manhattan. Their new design  consists of switching larger panes of glass to  make for a cleaner appearance as the total number of panes is reduced from 90 to 15. Even though the store is being renovated, the store is still open 24/7 for customers.

Apple Store Cube Glass PanesTUAW notes that deliveries of the new glass panes have begun at the site. Workers are using a large crane to work through the night unpacking the large panes for installation.  According to Justin Parmer, who shot photos and a brief video of the video of the unloading process, the glass panes are roughly two inches thick. Going by the dimensions of the original cube, the new panes should be about  32 feet high by a little over 10 feet wide.

In addition, Apple is currently working on a gorgeous brand new store in New York’s Grand Central, which is expected to open later this year. The company is also working on another new store in Santa Monica, CA with a beautiful glass roof.

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