Motorola Blocked from Adding iTunes, iCloud and iPhone 4S to Patent Claim

A few hours ago, we reported an update on a lawsuit between Samsung and Apple. Well, now, we have an update on a lawsuit between Motorola and Apple. Oh boy, it never ends! Last week, it was reported that  Apple is also involved in a patent lawsuit with Motorola. Last April, Motorola originally sued Apple regarding MobileMe due to data synchronization patent. It was reported that if Apple claimed a potential injunction against the case, then it could result in a $2.7 Billion loss.

Apple vs. MotorolaToday, a new report reveals that Motorola has been blocked by a US court from adding iTunes, iCloud, and iPhone 4S to its patent infringement claims against Apple. HA! What goes around, comes around right? This is because of the supplemental infringement claims Motorola attempted to add to its case with Apple at the end of October in the Southern District of Florida after Apple filed a lawsuit against them, according to a  report  by Florian Mueller of  FOSS Patents.

Apparently, Motorola’s response to Apple’s lawsuit was filed too late for the court to accept, so as a workaround, the company tried to make the case that the its existing claims should be expanded to involve iTunes, iCloud and the new iPhone 4S.

 “Motorola seemingly would have to file an entirely new case against Apple to claim that these products infringe exactly the same patents at issue here.”

In fact, Motorola wasn’t just adding new products to its claim. Mueller points out that  the attempted expansion of the case by Motorola also “raised new issues with respect to certain originally-accused products.” Motorola has also incorporated claims against iCloud in its German litigation.  Tune in next week for another episode on mobile patent wars.



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