MacBook Pro with Retina Display Can Power 3 External Monitors

At WWDC 2012, Apple revealed a brand new 15″ MacBook Pro with Retina display. Now Other World Computing reports that the new MacBook Pro with Retina display can power up to three external monitors for a total of four screens. Other World Computing connected the new laptop to two new iMacs in display mode via Thunderbolt and an LG monitor via HDMI while setting the machine’s own display settings to “Best for Retina”. Sounds amazing.

In fact, even with the four displays active, the new MacBook Pro did not appear to encounter to have any performance issues. “Moving images and media didn’t create any lag and we were able to play video on all four displays simultaneously,” OWC wrote in a blog post. Counting the full resolution of the MacBook Pro’s display, OWC’s four-screen setup shows the laptop powering 14.86 million pixels! Apple’s own technical specifications for the MacBook Pro with Retina Display only show support for two external displays at 2,560 by 1,600 pixels, plus the built-in display.

This makes the MacBook Pro with Retina display to be the first Mac — other than a tower-based workstation like the Mac Pro — to be able to power four displays simultaneously.

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