Wall Street Journal: Apple Has Begun Mass Production of the iPad Mini

Last month, it was reported that instead of Apple revealing the iPad mini at the same time of the iPhone 5, the company would announce it during a separate event. Earlier this week, a new rumor suggested that Apple will send out media event invitations on October 10th. Today, The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has started mass production of the iPad mini.

Apple Inc.’s Asian component suppliers have started mass production of a new tablet computer smaller than the current iPad, people with knowledge of the situation said, as the Silicon Valley company tries to stay competitive against rivals such as Google Inc. GOOG -0.63% and Amazon.com Inc. AMZN -0.56% that are offering smaller, less-expensive alternatives to the iPad.

The report cites two sources which supposedly confirm that the iPad mini will use a 7.85″ screen with a lower screen resolution than the 3rd Generation iPad.  Both LG Display Co. and AU Optronics Corp. are said to be building screens for the new device. In the past, the iPad mini has been rumored to have a 1024×768 pixel display.

Anyway, regardless of what the iPad mini has to offer, it will sell really well in the market Apple is targeting.

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  • Tom Sobieski

    I want an iPod Maxi, err, iPad Mini, err, I’m so confused !!! Crap, It will be on the market 15 minutes, will have sold 8 gazillion units in that time, and Apple will announce they’re buying Brazil and changing the name to “Steve”