Judge Denies Apple Request to Ban Samsung Galaxy Sales in U.S.

Apple vs. Samsung

The hoopla between Apple and Samsung continues. As we known by now, there are many legal disputes going on between Apple and copy-cat Samsung.  Lately, Apple’s been trying to ban Samsung’s Galaxy Tab from being sold in Germany and Australia. Just a few days ago, it was reported that  Samsung’s redesign of its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet wasn’t enough to satisfy Apple. Got to love stubborn Apple!  Now, Apple is trying to ban sales of certain Samsung Galaxy products in the U.S.

Unfortunately, on late Friday, it was revealed that Apple’s request for an early U.S. ban on certain Samsung mobile devices was not granted by  District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, reports  Reuters. Well duh! Why would they be granted such a request? Obviously, Samsung’s not copying Apple. Here is the proof!

Samsung copying Apple

Koh denied Apple’s request to ban the sale of the Droid Charge, Galaxy S 4G, Infuse 4G, and Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the U.S. According to Koh,  “It is not clear that an injunction on Samsung’s accused devices would prevent Apple from being irreparably harmed.” Kristin Huguet,  spokeswoman for Apple, replied by saying that Samsung’s “blatant copying is wrong.”

Samsung’s litigation strategy has also been  under investigation  by the European Commission to determine whether it violates anti-competition laws.

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