iTunes Match Coming to Japan Soon?

A couple of week ago, it was reported that  Siri, the voice assistant found in Apple’s iPhone 4S, will get support for the Chinese language next month. It was also suggested that Apple would introduce support for Japanese and Russian. Then a week after, it was reported that watchful iPhone 4S users have noticed that Siri is now claiming to speak Japanese.

iOS Japan iTunes Match
Now it seems that the company maybe adding Japanese support for its iTunes Match service. Mactakara has discovered that the “iTunes in the Cloud” music component has gone live in Japan. Also, the “Purchased” tab within the desktop iTunes Store and iOS music application now allows users to access their previously-purchased iTunes Store music. Before this, iTunes in the cloud service was only limited to apps and books in Japan.

iTunes Match is a service that allows all your music, even songs you’ve imported from CDs to be stored in iCloud. The service is currently available in 37 countries, but international availability of the service has continued since it debuted in the U.S, Europe, and Australia in December. Since then, it was made available in 19 more countries across Latin America and Europe in January.

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