iPhone Becomes Top Seller in Japan for 1st Time

You know that phone that nobody wanted? Apple’s iPhone 4S? Yeah, that one. Well, it sure seems to be doing pretty well. Today, The Mainichi Daily News reveals that for the first time, Apple has become the top seller in Japan for the first time. Anyone else recollect the time when Japan used to come up with cool phones? Oh, how times have changed.

According to the report by research firm, IDC Japan, Apple has captured the largest share of mobile shipment in Japan for the first time in the October-December quarter, which accounts for 26.6 percent, due to the popularity of the iPhone 4S smartphone model.

Fujitsu Ltd., which took over the mobile phone operations of Toshiba Corp., took second place with an 18.3 percent share, and Sharp Corp ranked third with 15.7 percent.

In 2011, shipments increased for the second straight year, rising 5 percent to 37.96 million units. Sharp topped the shipment rankings for the year with a 20.1 percent share, maintaining the top slot for the sixth consecutive year. Fujitsu-Toshiba followed at 18.8 percent and Apple at 14.2 percent.

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