iPhone 5 Likely To Have a Bigger Display Screen

The upcoming generation of the iPhone is likely to have a larger display screen than the iPhone 4 or its predecessors. The screens of Apple’s new smartphone will hold a 4 inch display screen in order to compete better in the market and add extra value from a consumer point of view. The production of the new screens is likely to get underway next month (June).

As far as the launch of the iPhone 5 is concerned, it is likely to be unleashed towards the end of the year. Speculation persists that it will take place around October, keeping in mind the previous presentation launches of the iPhone. However, Apple remains secretive as usual. It remains happy to withhold information regarding the product specifications. As always, this has helped Apple to create a buzz in the industry it operates in. In turn, this move by Apple creates a lot of “followers” of its keynotes worldwide.

iPhone 5 Display Screen Rumors Persist

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple ordered its Asian screen manufacturers to fabricate larger screens than the usual 3.5 inch display the present day iPhone holds. This would allow the new version of the iPhone to increase the display surface area by approximately 30%. Experts consider this to rival recent moves by its closest competitor, Samsung. The South Korean mobile manufacturer has recently launched the Samsung Galaxy S III which has a 4.8 inch display screen, considered to be one of the biggest displays in the smartphone arena. At the moment, Apple has been collaborating with LG, Sharp and Japan Display for the fabrication of screens.

Since the launch of the very first iPhone in 2007, Apple has always adhered to its policy of keeping a 3.5 inch display screen. Does this mean that Apple has been intimidated by Samsung’s S III or will it follow standard Apple protocol and release the iPhone 5 with a conventional 3.5 inch display screen? This question remains interesting.