Apple iPad Takes 95% of All Tablet Web Traffic

Just a few days ago, we reported that the iPad’s market share had soared to 68% as Kindle Fire shipments decreased. You know, the “iPad killer”. Now, a new study claims that the total number of users on three generations of the iPad account for over 95 of all tablet-based internet traffic.

Research firm Chitika Insights revealed that after going through its database of ad impressions, it found that 94.64 percent of all tablet web traffic can be attributed to the iPad.

iPad web traffic

In second place came Samsung’s Galaxy Tab which only managed to grab 1.22 percent of the market, while the Asus Transformer Prime eked out 1.2 percent. When compared to the iPad’s web traffic share, that’s literally nothing. The top six vendors were Motorola’s Xoom, RIM’s Playbook and Amazon’s Kindle Fire. In last place was Barnes and Noble’s Nook which took 0.54 percent of the market.

But Android is….oh, never mind!

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