iPad Now 97% of Tablet Traffic

Earlier this June,  comScore reported that the iPad was responsible for 89% of worldwide tablet traffic in May, thus continuing to dominate the market it defined last year. Today, a new report from comScore reveals that  almost 7 percent of all US web traffic, with Apple’s iOS representing a 58.5 percent of all mobile traffic, and the iPad now accounts for more traffic than iPhones.  The growth of mobile devices has claimed a 6.8 percent chunk of US web traffic from conventional PCs.

comScore iPad Oct 11comScore iPad Oct 11The data shows that among the two thirds of traffic is from mobile phones and a remaining third is generated by tablet users. In fact, ComScore reports that Apple’s iPad now accounts for 97.2 percent of all tablet-originating web traffic, which goes to prove that competitors have not yet released a significant tablet competitor. In addition, the iPad accounts for 46.8 percent of web traffic generated among all iOS users.

“Although the Android platform accounts for the highest share of the smartphone market (43.7 percent in August),” comScore stated, “its total audience among mobile and connected devices in current use is eclipsed by the Apple iOS audience.”

comScore also reported that almost half of tablet owners have completed purchases using their tablet. Even though Apple has a minor lead over Android in terms of installed based (unique users), this data shows that Apple has a major lead in the mobile traffic.

In conclusion, Android tablets are crushing iPad web traffic from 2.8% to 97.2%.

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