Apple Sells Out of iPad Launch Day Supplies in U.S. Online Store

Yesterday, we reported that shipping dates for certain iPad models had already begun to get pushed backed to March 19th. Today, Apple has sold out of its launch day iPad stock in its U.S. online store. Currently, all 18 models now are offering shipping estimates of March 19th for new orders.

iPad March 19th ship date

When shipping time is accounted for, customers placing orders now shouldn’t expect their new iPad to arrive until the middle of the week following the device’s launch next Friday.¬†Next Friday’s iPad launch will be the largest debut yet for the company. Also,¬†Apple is planning to launch the new iPad in 25 additional countries on March 23rd.

In addition, the Canadian store encounters a similar a situation. The stores for Australia and Singapore now quote shipping dates of March 22nd for all models. Also, Apple’s European launch countries (France, Germany, Switzerland, and the UK) and Japan are all showing shipping estimates of 2-3 weeks for new orders.


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