iPad Helping Enterprise to Transition Away from Printing

Ah, here’s another success story for the tablet nobody wanted. A new analysis reveals that the adoption of the iPad in enterprise is causing decline of corporate printing. Morgan Stanley says that rapid increase of tablets for business use has affected printing by more than it had originally estimated. Wait a minute, I thought the iPad is just a “big iPhone”?

The firm surveyed 700 tablet users in the U.S. about their printing behavior at work. Turns out, 46 percent of respondents said they printed less, with 13 percent indicating that they printed 16 percent less after owning a tablet. In addition, 41 percent said that they thought print reduction is the main benefit of tablets.

It is also suggested by the analysis that  Lexmark, Ricoh and Konica Minolta, which all have exposure in corporate laser printing, are the most “structurally challenged” by the drop. Looks like the iPad is disrupting all sorts of markets. In the report, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer was also quoted  saying that the iPad has experienced “unprecedented adoption in business”. According to Oppenheimer, nearly all of the top Fortune 500 companies are actively using iPads.

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Parth Dhebar

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