iOS 5.1 Beta 3 Suggests That Apple is Planning Deep Facebook Integration

With the introduction of iOS 5, Apple deeply integrated Twitter into iOS. This deep integration allows users to easily sign into Twitter and tweet from anywhere through a built in iOS app. Now, new evidence suggests that iOS 5.1 will add deep integration for Facebook as well.

A recent discovery in the third beta of iOS 5.1, made by iMore suggests that Apple could indeed add deep Facebook integration into a future operating system update. In one screenshot shown for the iOS Contacts application, there is an option to enter a person’s Facebook username right below their Twitter account.┬áThe beta build of iOS 5.1 also reportedly includes references to new iPad models named “J1AP” and “J2AP.” Judging by the way Twitter is integrated into iOS, Facebook integration may work the same way and offer similar functionality. This would make it easier for users to share information with their friends on to Facebook.

Facebook iOS 5 beta

In fact, system-wide Twitter integration is one of the most-touted features of iOS 5, which was made available to the public last October. After its release, signups for Twitter grew more than three times.

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