iCloud Communications Drops Trademark Suit

In June, the Arizona company previously known as iCloud Communications had sued Apple after the company had unveiled its iCloud service at the Worldwide Developers Conference this year. The claim was that Apple has “a long and well known history of knowingly and willfully treading on the trademark rights of others.”

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Today, the Phoenix New Times reports that the motion for voluntary    dismissal with prejudice, which would prevent the company from refiling the suit, was filed on Sept. 1. The company has changed its name to  Clear Digital Communications and PhoenixSoft. In addition, its former domain  geticloud.com has been taken down.

A reporter from the PhoenixNew Times outreached to the company, when the person who answered the phone, he admitted that he’s not sure what the company is called. When asked about the report, he answered the phone by saying    “iCloud Communications,” he said it was a “bad habit.”

Apple first filed for the iCloud trademark in Jamaica last December, then in Europe in June. iCloud is expected to launch this fall alongside iOS 5. It will offer a cloud-based backups and syncing of media, documents and other data.

You can read more about Apple’s iCloud here.

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