Foxconn Investing $1.1 Billion to Increase iPhone Production Capabilities

Foxconn is most famously known for making Apple products, and with the amount of demand for Apple products, Foxconn can’t afford not to expand its production ¬†capabilities. Now, a recent report from MICGadget reveals that Apple’s main production partner is said to double its iPhone production lines. Why? Because the iPhone has a tiny amount of marketshare and is doomed. Just kidding! The real reason according to the report? It is in order to meet the ¬†continued ¬†demand for the iPhone. Doomed indeed folks!

The Foxconn Science Park located in Zhengzhou, Henan, China will undergo expansion very soon and is expected to cost Foxconn around $1.1 Billion to complete. Remember, this expansion is specifically for iPhones and not for you know, the platform that’s “winning.” The expansion will allow Foxconn to double the amount of iPhones produced at the plant each day, doubling the output to around 200,000 (up from the previous 100,000 units), and will reportedly also employ up to 130,000 people.

The expansion plan, which will cost 7 billion yuan (US$1.1 billion), will increase its current production lines and expects to bring US$20 billion in sales revenue in 2012.

Rumor has it that Foxconn is reportedly also planning to makes its production procedure for the iPhone and iPad completely automated with the aid of 1 Million robots, by the end of 2014.

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