Fair Labor Association Says Apple’s Plants Better Than Most Factories

When a company says that they are doing all they can to solve an issue, you better believe it. Lately, Apple’s been getting a lot of flak for factory working conditions even though they are the only one doing something about it in the industry. Just yesterday Tim Cook said that Apple is doing more to improve workers conditions than anyone else. Pretty hard to make that up if you ask me. On top of that, the day before the company issues a press release announcing  that the FLA has begun inspecting Foxconn’s facilities at Apple’s request.

Reuters now reports on the association’s initial impressions as it continues to investigate and analyze data on working conditions. According to the FLA, Foxconn’s factory conditions are “first-class” in comparison to the garment factories the association has typically monitored. In addition, it is reported that the association has 30 employees auditing the factories, with Foxconn employees being surveyed for the audit using iPads to record their responses. Three separate Foxconn factories representing 300,000 workers are being audited over the course of three weeks.

So I bet even after all of this, Apple still continues to remain evil in people’s eyes, right?

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