Fair Labor Association Reaches Agreement with Foxconn on Working Hours and Pay

Over the past month or so, Apple had been drawing a lot of flak for factory working conditions in its factories. In order to solve this issue, last month, Apple requested the Fair Labor Association to do an audit of Apple’s major China supplier Foxconn.

Today, the Fair Labor Association (FLA) has announced that it has come to an agreement with Foxconn to ensure stricter working hours and examination of salaries paid to works at the facilities. During the audit, the FLA also found many violations of both Chinese labor laws and FLA standards when it comes to working hours. It was revealed that average workload clocked in at over 60 hours during peak times. In addition, scenarios of unfair overtime pay were also discovered, with overtime payments only being made in 30-minute increments. Workers also received no pay for overtime work of up to 29 minutes, while workers putting in 30-59 minutes of work received pay for only 30 minutes’ worth of work.

The FLA also found several other issues during its audits, varying from health and safety to lack of worker union representation. Full details of the results of the FLA’s audits are available through the organization’s website. Also, the FLA will continue to monitor Apple’s and Foxconn’s efforts.

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