First Hong Kong Apple Store Draws Massive Crowd on Opening Day

Earlier this month, a  rumor  suggested that Apple would be opening its first Hong Kong store on September 24th. This week, MacRumors  reported  that that opening date has been confirmed,  as evidenced by a small new sign placed on a stand in front of an entrance to the store.  The sign confirmed that the store would open this Saturday, September 24th, at 9:00 AM.

Today,  Apple opened its first retail store in Hong Kong to a crowd of hundreds of customers.  The store is said to be the company’s most expensive retail location yet, with estimated construction costs of $20 million.  According to Richard Lai of  Engadget Chinese, more than  300 customers  had lined up outside the store by 3 a.m. on Saturday morning. In addition, prior to the opening, IFC Mall staffs allowed fans to wait inside even after the mall closed, and a nearby Starbucks remained open overnight.

Apple Store Hong Kong Opening Day
FC Mall Apple Store in Hong Kong 2 hours after opening. Credit: Gary Allen/ifostore via Flickr

The new Apple store is 15,000 square feet and is located in the International Financial Center (IFC) Mall.  The IFC is a waterfront commercial development in Hong Kong’s Central District and is a four-story shopping center with more than 200 stores found within.

Last quarter, the launch of the new MacBook Air in Hong Kong drew  long lines  and were frequently out of stock. The company’s presence in  Hong Kong could help increase sales of Apple devices in Asia. In fact, last quarter Apple saw its revenue in China grow  six times  to reach $3.8 billion, and executives have said that they believe they are barely scratching the surfaceof the market in China.

So how about em Microsoft stores?

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  • Wow, I just hope I was there to witness the event.. Hope to hear more news from this event.