Demand for iPhone 4S Continues to Grow

You know the phone that nobody wanted? Well, even six months after its launch, demand for the iPhone 4S continues to rise. ChangeWave has released new data that reveals 56 percent of polled customers who plan to buy a smartphone in the next 90 days said that they will purchase the iPhone 4S. That’s up from 54 percent who planned to buy an iPhone 4S in the previous poll conducted in December.

Changwave iPhone 4S

While Apple continued to gain, its competitor Samsung stayed flat as 13 percent of consumers said they would purchase one of its smartphones. Motorola fell by one point to 6 percent. HTC came in third place, which stayed at 3 percent and Research in Motion somehow managed to grow by a point to 3 percent.

In fact, demand for the iPhone 4S in March was the second-highest share ever. Consumer demand for the iPhone was only higher in a poll conducted last September, when news about the iPhone 4S started to come out just before it was officially announced.

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