Camera+ Updated for iPhone 5 and iOS 6, New iPad App Released

Camera+, one of the best and hottest selling camera apps on the iPhone has now been released for the iPad. This new iPad app isn’t an universal app, but standalone one. It is on sale for just $0.99 right now. The iPad version offers similar features to the iPhone one including touch-up tools, filters, cropping and borders. Other features include a camera stabilization tool, timer and burst ode functions. The main focus of this app is to be a photography editing app and it makes great use of the iPad’s larger screen. I have been using the iPhone version for over a year now, and it is great! The iPad version is also very well done too.

In addition, both the apps support iCloud syncing that automatically syncs all your Lightbox photos between devices. The iPhone version also received an update, which added support for the larger, 4-inch screen of the new iPhone and iOS 6. The update also allows Facebook sharing of photo with single sign-on support.

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